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This article is about the German-Australian nine-pin bowling game. For other uses, see Kegel (disambiguation).
Ninepin bowling pins and ball

Kegel (from the German for skittle) is a German bowling game, in which a player rolls a wooden or plastic ball along a smooth, hard indoor lane (kegelbahn).[1] The object of the game is to knock down the nine kegels at the other end of the lane. Kegel is based on traditional German games and is therefore closely related to both skittles and ten-pin bowling. It was introduced to South Australia, by German settlers in the 19th century and remains popular in areas in which many German people settled, such as the Barossa Valley.[2] The town of Tanunda has a kegel club. Since 2007, there is now a new modern Kegel venue in Coffs Harbour.

It is also spelled kegeln.

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