Keighley Tramways Company

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Keighley Tramways Company
Locale Keighley
Open 8 May 1889
Close 21 September 1901
Status Closed
Track gauge 4 ft (1,219 mm)
Propulsion system(s) Horse
Depot(s) South Street/Arcadia Street
Route length 2.28 miles (3.67 km)

Keighley Corporation Tramways operated a tramway service in Keighley between 1889 and 1901.[1]


Keighley Tramways Company constructed a horse-drawn tramway from Ingrow through Keighley to Utley. Services started on 8 May 1889. The service was never financially successful. The only dividend ever paid by the company was when it was wound up.


The company sold out to Keighley Corporation in 1901. The 30 horses and 6 tramcars and other equipment were sold at auction for £804.[2] The service was modernised and continued as Keighley Corporation Tramways.


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