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The Keihan Uji Line (京阪宇治線 Keihan Uji-sen?) is a 7.6-km long commuter rail line in Kyoto, Japan, operated by the Keihan Electric Railway. It runs between Chushojima Station on the Keihan Main Line in Fushimi, Kyoto and Uji Station in Uji, Kyoto, forming an alternative route to JR West's Nara Line. Only "Local" (all-stations) trains are operated on this line.

Equipment: 9 stations (incl. start and stop), 1 500 V DC, dual track

Stations and connections[edit]

Station Japanese Distance (km) Transfers Location
Chūshojima 中書島 0.0 Keihan Main Line Fushimi-ku,
Kangetsukyō 観月橋 0.7
Momoyama-minamiguchi 桃山南口 2.3
Rokujizō 六地蔵 3.1 Tozai Line
Nara Line
Kowata 木幡 3.9 Uji
Ōbaku 黄檗 5.4 Nara Line
Mimurodo 三室戸 7.2
Uji 宇治 7.6

Rolling stock[edit]

New 13000 series 4-car electric multiple unit (EMU) trains were introduced on the line from April 2012, replacing the earlier 2600 series EMUs.[1]


The line opened on June 1, 1913.[citation needed]


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