Keisei Kanamachi Station

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Keisei Kanamachi Station
Station entrance, March 2006
Prefecture Tokyo
(See other stations in Tokyo)
Ward Katsushika
Neighborhood etc. Kanamachi
(in Japanese) 東京都葛飾区金町
Year opened 1913
Former name Kanamachi Station
Present name since 1931
Rail services
Station number(s) KS-51
Operator(s) Keisei Electric Railway
Line(s) Keisei Kanamachi Line
Aiga bus inv.svg There is a bus stop near this station

Keisei Kanamachi Station (京成金町駅 Keisei Kanamachi-eki?) is a railway station on the Keisei Kanamachi Line in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan, operated by the Keisei Electric Railway. The station is located adjacent to Kanamachi Station operated by JR East.


Keisei Kanamachi Station is the terminus of the 2.5 km Keisei Kanamachi Line from Keisei Takasago.

Station layout[edit]


Keisei Kanamachi Station is a terminus with a single platform serving one track.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Keisei Kanamachi Line
Shibamata Local Terminus


The Station opened on 21 October 1913, initially named Kanamachi Station.[1] The station was renamed Keisei Kanamachi Station on 18 November 1931.[1]

Surrounding area[edit]


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