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Keith A. Smith (born 1938 in Tipton, Indiana) is an American artist and author. He has taught at the Visual Studies Workshop, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the University of Illinois. He is a recipient of two Guggenheim Fellowships, a National Endowment of the Arts grant and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant. Smith creates books as works of art,[1] as well as instructional texts on how to make books. Smith has made over 280 books.


  • 1967: BAE, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (September 1963–May 1967)
  • 1968: MS Photography, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology (September 1967–June 1968)


  • 2013: Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, NY[2]
  • 2011: Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, NY[3]
  • 2008: Rare Books Room, Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY[4]
  • 2004: Center for Book Arts, New York, NY [5]
  • 2000: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia,
  • 1999: Unique Beyond Imagining, miniature book show, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
  • 1988: Retrospetcive, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN.
  • 1979: Stuart Wilbur Gallery, Chicago IL.
  • 1978: Columbia College, Chicago IL.
  • 1977: Vision Gallery, Boston, MA.
  • 1976: Lichtropfen, Agen, West Germany. Light Gallery, New York, NY. Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY.
  • 1975: Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY.[6]
  • 1974: Barat College. Light Gallery, New York, NY. University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, IL.
  • 1973: Gallerie Civica D’Arte Moderna, Turin, Italy.
  • 1971: Light Gallery, New York, NY.
  • 1970: International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY. Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY.
  • 1968: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL.



  • 2002: Book 202, Smith's Sewing Single Sheets, Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume IV, published by keith smith BOOKS[7]
  • 2001: Book 211, Quick Leather Bindings, Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume V, published by keith smith BOOKS
  • 2000: Book 200, 200 Books, An Annotated Bibliography, published by keith smith BOOKS, First Edition, May 2000.[8]
  • 1998: Book 181, Bookbinding for Book Artists, published by keith smith BOOKS, First Edition, July. The book is co-authored by Keith Smith and Fred A. Jordan[9]
  • 1995: Book 170, Exposed Spine Sewings, Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume III, published by keith smith BOOKS
  • 1995: Book 169, 1– 2– & 3–Section Sewings, Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume II, published by keith smith BOOKS
  • 1991: Book 128, Books without Paste or Glue, Non-Adhesive Binding, Volume I, Keith Smith, The Sigma Foundation, Inc. Second Edition, 1992; The Revised & Expanded Edition, 1999[10]
  • 1989: Book 120 Text in the Book Format, Keith Smith, The Sigma Foundation, Inc. Second edition 1995; The Expanded Third Edition, 2004 [11]
  • 1984: Book 95, Structure of the Visual Book, Keith Smith, self-published. The Revised and Expanded Edition, 1992; The Korean translation, published by The Open Books Co., 35-23 Tongyee-dong, Jongno-ku, Seoul, Korea[12]


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