Keith Loneker

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Keith Loneker
Born Keith Joseph Loneker
June 21, 1971
Roselle Park, New Jersey USA
Spouse(s) Kelly

Keith Loneker (born June 21, 1971) is an American actor. For much of his short career, his large football-lineman build has garnered him roles largely as thugs or football players. His first movie was director Steven Soderbergh's Out of Sight (1998) and his latest is the Neil LaBute thriller, Lakeview Terrace (2008).

Personal life[edit]

Growing up in Roselle Park in New Jersey, Keith Loneker faced some personal obstacles that he worked hard to overcome for his entire life. In high school, while playing football, he endured a hip injury, for which doctors said he would never play any sports again. Loneker ignored the doctor and decided to work out intensely to rehabilitate himself. After two years being off, he stepped onto a football field once again. Loneker, although just happy to play again with his friends, ended up with a scholarship to the University of Kansas before long. It was at the university where he met his wife, Kelly. They were married their senior year and had a baby girl, Kylee and two years later, a son, Keith, Jr. In his spare time, he coaches little league football in Lawrence, Kansas.


Although Loneker was passed over in the NFL draft after graduation and the disappointment was damaging, he turned the tables on his misfortune and insisted on "walking on" with the Los Angeles Rams. Loneker not only made the team but went on to start by the end of his first season. While playing in the NFL, a former teammate who was working as an agent called Loneker and told him he had a part for which he thought he'd be perfect. Loneker had never acted before, but made a tape for the audition and the producers hired him from his tape alone. He was surprised when he landed the role of "White Boy Bob" in Out of Sight. Loneker went on to roles in Rock Star, Superbad, Leatherheads, and Lakeview Terrace. When Loneker isn’t auditioning for movie roles, he is a substitute teacher at Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Kansas.


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