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Kelapa Gading Roundabout
Apartments in Kelapa Gading
Kelapa Gading Mall
Artha Gading Mall
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Kelapa Gading is the southernmost Subdistrict of North Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. The Subdistrict of Kelapa Gading is bounded by Bekasi Raya - Perintis Kemerdekaan Road to the south, Sunter Canal to the west, Bendungan Batik Canal to the north, and Cakung - Petukangan River to the east. Kelapa Gading has a total area of 1.633,7 hectare, or about 2,14% of the total Jakarta city.[citation needed]

Kelapa Gading is known to the local populates as a city within a city, due to the integrated residential-commercial planning, and the supporting facilities.[citation needed]


Kelapa Gading was an undeveloped marshland and sparsed agricultural land until 1976, when a local real estate developer company, PT Summarecon Agung, developed Kelapa Gading into a more productive land by establishing an integrated residential-commercial area in a grid-like urban planning with main boulevards and supporting facilities including schools and hospitals.[1][2]

Kelurahan (Administrative Village)[edit]

The subdistrict of Kelapa Gading is divided into 3 kelurahan (administrative villages):

  • Kelapa Gading Barat - area code 14240
  • Kelapa Gading Timur - area code 14240
  • Pegangsaan Dua - area code 14250


Kelapa Gading residential area is targeted toward the middle to upper market. Artha Gading Villa and Kuta residence in Bukit Gading Villa are up-market areas in the location. The prices for land in these areas soar to around 22–25 million rupiah per square meter in 2011. The prime location, and often luxurious houses contribute to the price factor.

65% of the residents of Kelapa Gading are Chinese Indonesians.[1]

Since the late 1990s, Kelapa Gading starts to have vertical residences. Starting from Kondominium Menara Kelapa Gading on the east gate, Wisma Gading Permai, to Gading Mediterranean Residences. After that more and more apartment building starts to fill out Kelapa Gading's sky.

Investing in apartments and property at Kelapa Gading often gives a promising[clarification needed] profit. On average, a unit of apartment can be worth as much as twice its price in 2–5 years.


In Jakarta, Kelapa Gading is famous amongst food lovers. Individuals can find Indonesian food such as Minang food or Javanese food, as well as Chinese food, Japanese food, Thai food and Western food. The central point in Kelapa Gading is an area known as Gading Food City. 6°09′37″S 106°54′22″E / 6.16022°S 106.90624°E / -6.16022; 106.90624 Coordinates: 6°09′41″S 106°54′16″E / 6.16140°S 106.90448°E / -6.16140; 106.90448

The subdistrict of Kelapa Gading contains six shopping malls within 20 kilometer radius[citation needed]. In 2004, Kelapa Gading has approximately 365,000 m2 of shopping centers[citation needed]. Some of these malls are Mal Kelapa Gading (the first and the largest shopping mall in Kelapa Gading, opened in 1990 by PT Summarecon Agung), La Piazza, Sport Mall (the location of The BritAma Arena, a home base for Satria Muda basketball club), Mal Artha Gading, Kelapa Gading Trade Center, and Mall of Indonesia.


Industrial area is mainly concentrated in Pegangsaan Dua Subdistrict, on the west area of Kelapa Gading Subdistrict.

Flood problem[edit]

Despite being a well-developed area, Kelapa Gading is affected by flood every rainy season due to its geographically low plain characteristic (5 meter above sea level) and the lack of effective flood diversion network established by the developer. The subdistrict was severely affected by the 2007 Jakarta flood, the worst flooding disaster in Jakarta.

Flood control infrastructures in Kelapa Gading are several small reservoirs in the Administrative Village of Kelapa Gading Barat, with linking water channels.[3]

Since 2010 the East Flood Channel already functioning, diversing water that used to cross Kelapa Gading surrounding's waterway. Many are hoping that this Flood Channel can really make Kelapa Gading flood free.

Since 2007 - 2011 no crucial flood happened.

List of important places[edit]


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