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A multitude of people wading and swimming.

Kellar Beach is a public beach on the San Francisco Bay in Richmond, California.


The beach is located in the Point Richmond District at Miller/Knox Regional Park in southwestern Richmond. It is accessible by car and by a 66-foot (20 m) walk from an AC Transit line 72M bus stop.[1][2] The beach's amenities include bathrooms, parking, picnic tables, and barbecue pits. There is no lifeguard on duty. The site is located at the corners of Dornan Drive and Western Drive[1][2] on land and the beach is located on a small cove of the San Francisco Bay. In February 2010, a mass invasion of herring to the bay caused a convergence of ducks, gulls, seals and cormorants that hasn't been seen in over three decades at the beach. The beach is one of the dirtiest in the San Francisco Bay. With a short walk to the south end there are some great fishing spots, to include a pier.[3]


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