Kelly's Island

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Not to be confused with Kelleys Island, Ohio in the United States.

Kelly's Island is one of three islands in Conception Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. There are no residences on Kelly's Island. The western end is Crown land which was used by local farmers for cattle grazing. The eastern end of the island was granted, in two identical grants, to two Church of England clergymen on December 31, 1899. Presumably in hopes of exploiting iron ore if it turned out that the then operating iron ore mine on nearby Bell Island ran under Kelly's Island. Ultimately, the iron ore deposit on Bell Island was found to run AWAY from Kelly's Island, and so the granted land was never developed.

There is a long reef at the western end of the island, where large blue mussels may be raked or taken by divers. On the eastern end, there is a small cove. Chimney cove as it is called is sufficiently deep for mooring a small skiff, and there is a somewhat steep rock path up to the wooded top of the island, to reach the trees you must however cross the large bog. The north and south sides of the island are cliff sided, and so access to the wooded part of the island must be made either by scaling the hill on the eastern end of the island, or by climbing the gentler slope on the western end. Because of the difficulty in reaching the top of the island, it has never been logged, and there are some small stands of old growth forest to be found in the center of the island. Arctic hares were introduced to the island in the early 1980s, but the population did not prosper. There is a brackish barachois, or lagoon, at the south-east corner of the island. There are sources of fresh water on the island, the bog runs a waterfall down the cliff with fresh water, which flows into the ocean.

Coordinates: 47°32′39″N 53°00′41″W / 47.54417°N 53.01139°W / 47.54417; -53.01139