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Kelly Bailey
Genres Video game music
Occupations Composer, game designer, conceptual artist, programmer
Years active 1998-present

Kelly Bailey is a composer, musician, game designer, conceptual artist and programmer. He was the senior game designer of sound and music at Valve Corporation[1] until he left in 2011 with Mike Dussault, to concentrate on their project Sunspark Labs LLC.

Bailey is notable for being behind the Half-Life series' music and sound effects. He is married to Christina Bailey.


On the defunct Half-Life website, his function was described as follows: "Kelly did all of the music and sound effects for Half-Life, and wrote sound code to create character speech and DSP reverb effects."[2]

On the previous version of Valve's official website, his function was described as follows: "Kelly, formerly a product unit manager at Microsoft, has a programming background that includes consumer multimedia, database engines, and networking. He created all of the music and sound effects for Half-Life."[3]

On the current version of Valve's official website, his function was described as follows before it was removed after he left the company: "Kelly is Valve's senior audio producer, responsible for creating sound effects & music."[4]

Bailey built the test chamber disaster sequence featured at the beginning of Half-Life with John Guthrie in a weekend. He also sketched out the journey through Silo D for the Half-Life chapter Blast Pit[citation needed].

Half-Life 2's Gordon Freeman's face was based on him, as well as on three other Valve employees – David Speyrer, Eric Kirchmer and Greg Coomer[citation needed].

Around March 2011, Kelly Bailey left Valve with colleague Mike Dussault to work on their project Sunspark Labs LLC, launched in December 2010, developing iOS applications, their first being "Morfo", released in June 2011.[5][6] However he may work again for Valve in the future.[7] The news caused some concern and displeasure from the Steam community due to the lack of any public farewell or notification regarding Bailey's departure.[8]


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