Kelwa Beach

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Kelwa Beach
Kelva Beach
Kelva Beach.JPG
Kelwa Beach is located in Maharashtra
Kelwa Beach
Kelwa Beach
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 19°36′46″N 72°43′51″E / 19.61278°N 72.73083°E / 19.61278; 72.73083Coordinates: 19°36′46″N 72°43′51″E / 19.61278°N 72.73083°E / 19.61278; 72.73083
Country  India
State Maharashtra
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Kelwa beach, also known as Kelva or Kelwe beach, is a beach in Maharashtra, India.[1] It is a popular weekend getaway for tourists from Mumbai.

The beach is about 8 kilometres long. Although not a very famous tourist attraction, the beach is overcrowded with local tourists during weekends which indicates its growing popularity.


Kelwa Beach is situated about 80 kilometres north off Mumbai. It is easily accessible from the Kelve Road station situated about 5 kilometres away.

It is also a 25-minute ride on an 8-seater Rickshaw from Palghar. Around 13 kilometers from highway.

Kelwa Beach is also connected by State Transport buses which make frequent trips from Palghar or Saphale & Kelwa Road Station.

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Fisherman reparing its net
Fishing boats in Kelva beach

The most important and traditional mean of earning is cultivation of "Panmala"(Bettle leaves). The community which cultivates the mala's are popularly known as VADVALs (Person who cultivates vadis)

The residents of Kelwa beach are involved in the fishing industry due to the proximity of Satpati, Maharashtra's biggest fishing centre . Some people work in factories in the nearby industrial areas of Palghar and Tarapur.some people own the factories as well. Some people are also involved in the Tourism industry due to the growing popularity of the beach. Many restaurants and snack joints have come up near the beach to cater to the growing number of tourists.

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Shitla Devi Temple[edit]

The Shitla Devi Temple, a Hindu temple is situated just besides the beach. It is believed that the two sons of Lord Ram, Luv and Kush grew here when Sita was in exile for the second time.

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There are three forts on this beach. One is at the southern tip of the beach and is submerged in sea water during high tides. The smaller one, is located within the coniferous trees near the northern tip on the beach.

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