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Industry Food
Founded 1914
Minneapolis, Minnesota,
United States
Founder William Henry Kemps
W.S. Lathrop
Headquarters St. Paul, Minnesota,
United States
Area served
Midwestern United States
Products Dairy
Number of employees
Parent Dairy Farmers of America
Subsidiaries Goodrich Dairy
Green's Dairy
Hagan Ice Cream

Kemps (legal name Kemps LLC) is an American dairy company located in St. Paul, Minnesota. It has been a subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America since being purchased in 2011 from HP Hood LLC. Dairy Farmers of America is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but Kemps continues to be headquartered in St. Paul. Products provided by the company include milk, cottage cheese, half and half, egg nog, cream, juices, sour cream, chip dips, ice cream, yogurt and novelties.[1] Most of these products are sold at grocery stores throughout the midwestern United States, but some are available in other parts of the country as well. Kemps currently operates five manufacturing facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin.[2]


The family of brands for Kemps:


Kemps was founded in 1914 by William Henry Kemps, formerly of St. Louis, Missouri, who partnered with W.S. Lathrop after his Minneapolis candy company was near bankruptcy. The business was first known as Lathrop-Kemps Ice Cream Company, producing "special quality" Kemps Ice Cream. As part of the agreement, Lathrop would have to maintain his sobriety as he had issues with alcoholism. This didn't happen, and Kemps would soon become sole owner of the company.[3]

Kemps suffered from chronic health problems during his life. In 1921, the doctor advised that he may not be able to survive too many more winters in Minnesota. Kemps and his family visited California later that year. They would eventually purchase a home in Beverly Hills and move there in 1924. At the same time, Kemps sold his company to competitor Crescent Creamery of St. Paul. Brothers Arthur, Howard and W.R. Cammack, who owned Crescent Creamery, would operate both businesses as Kemps-Crescent.[3]

In 1961, Kemps-Crescent would merge with Marigold Dairies of Rochester, Minnesota and Dolly Madison Dairies of La Crosse, Wisconsin to form Marigold Foods, Inc.[3][4] The company would merge with Ward Food Services of Maplewood, Minnesota in 1968. Ten years later, Dutch company NV Wessanen Koninklijke Fabrieken (now Royal Wessanen) bought Marigold Foods from Ward Food Services.[5]

National Dairy Holdings purchased Marigold Foods and its subsidiaries from Royal Wessanen in 2001, only to be acquired by HP Hood three years later in a deal that also involved Crowley Foods of Binghamton, New York. Marigold Foods would be renamed Kemps LLC in 2002 as most products provided by the company were of the Kemps brand. In 2011, the company would be sold by HP Hood to Dairy Farmers of America.[3]


Kemps has acquired numerous dairy companies to expand business, including:[5]

The only brands that continue to operate as subsidiaries of Kemps LLC are Goodrich Dairy, Green's Dairy and Hagan Ice Cream.

Kemps had started a joint venture with Franklin Foods of Duluth, Minnesota and Associated Milk Producers, Inc. in 1982, making products under the Arrowhead Dairy brand. Franklin Foods closed the plant in 2013.[6]


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