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Kenneth Llewellyn Demarest III is a computer game programmer, business person, and artist.

As a technical innovator, he helped advance the state of the art in video games by developing the first 3D, texture-mapped characters ever seen in a computer game with BioForge. As a Director of Technology at Origin Systems, Demarest recognized the potential for graphic massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and developed the technical prototype for Ultima Online using Ultima VI as a code base.[1] His later work would result in the first attempt at a persistent-world real-time strategy game, NetStorm: Islands At War.[2]

In social gaming, Demarest was part of the early work blending 3D MMOs and social game play both stand-alone and on networks such as Facebook and MySpace.[3]

As an artist for Shadow Garden he wrote 'Sand',[4] the most popular and frequently sold work on the platform developed by Zack Simpson. Sand is in the permanent collections of numerous museums world-wide including the Discovery Science Center and Sony Wonder Technology Lab. Demarest's later work supported technology that benefits humanity including MorSand, a 2006 Tech Award Laureate,[5] and CellBazaar, a 2007 Laureate.[6]

Demarest is now a founder of Appsoma, a PaaS for scientific analysis.


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