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Ken Korach is a play-by-play announcer for the Oakland Athletics and the author of Holy Toledo – Lessons from Bill King: Renaissance Man of the Mic, a biography of his former broadcasting partner Bill King. Korach joined the A's in 1996 after nearly two decades in the broadcasting business, including stints in major-league baseball, college basketball and football and minor-league baseball.[1] During the 2005 season, the Oakland Athletics radio team, including Korach, King and Ray Fosse, was ranked as second best in the American League by USA Today.[2] Korach was promoted to the lead announcer for the Athletics after the 2005 season to replace King, who died in October 2005.[3]

Korach had previously announced for the Chicago White Sox and several minor league baseball teams, and done basketball and football for UNLV, San José State University, and Sonoma State University. He attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated in 1975 with a B.A. in Social Sciences.[4]

Broadcasting style[edit]

Korach often "resets" the game during an inning or before a tense situation, reciting the count, runners, demeanor of the pitcher and attitude of the crowd to paint a picture for the listener. Korach also has a couple often-used catch phrases: during night games he'll say, "The lights have taken full effect," referring the point when the darkness of night meets the brightness of the stadium lights. Also, for a called third strike on a batter, he says, excitedly, "<type of pitch> <outside/inside corner> ring-em' up strike three called!" On a home run, Korach will call out that an outfielder will "Watch It Fly!" And at the beginning of every ball game, after the first at bat, Ken will tell listeners: "And that's the way our ballgame begins." In an interview in 2011, Korach disclosed that he "borrowed" that line from CBS Radio Announcer John Rooney.

Perfect game call[edit]

On May 9, 2010, Korach was at the mic at the conclusion of A's pitcher Dallas Braden's perfect game. Korach told Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Ron Katowski that although everyone in the ballpark was aware of what was going on, the words "perfect game" weren't used in the broadcast until the eighth inning.[5] At the game's conclusion, Korach said, ""A PERFECT GAME! Dallas Braden has thrown a perfect game! The A's have beaten Tampa Bay, four to nothing! The kid from Stockton has done it for the A's!"

Publication of Holy Toledo[edit]

In September 2013, Wellstone Books released Korach's Holy Toledo – Lessons from Bill King: Renaissance Man of the Mic.


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