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"Dr. Ken" redirects here. It may also refer to American comedian Ken Jeong.
Ken Leistner
Nationality American
Other names Dr. Ken
Occupation strength training writer, personal trainer, strength consultant, chiropractor

Ken Leistner is an American strength training writer, personal trainer, strength consultant for the National Football League, and chiropractor. He is often known as "Dr. Ken".

In 1992 Leistner founded the Iron Island Gym with Ralph Raiola on Long Island.[1] The Iron Island Gym was directed by the bodybuilding and powerlifting traditions. Leistner sold his share of the gym in 1998. He is married to the former Kathy Tuite, a photographer and world-class powerlifter in the early 1980s.

Leistner has been a regular columnist for Milo since its inception (April, 1993). He was a monthly columnist for Powerlifting USA from February 1979 through November 2000, and was a long-time columnist for Hardgainer. He has written articles for a number of other strength training magazines. He started his own training newsletter, The Steel Tip, in 1985, and published 36 issues. Leistner also contributed a chapter to the book Maximize Your Training (McGraw-Hill, 1999, edited by Matt Brzycki).

Leistner's personal training clients have included a number of NFL players,[1] including Frank Ferrara and Luke Petitgout of the New York Giants.[2]


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