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Kendel Ehrlich
First Lady of Maryland
In office
January 15, 2003 – January 17, 2007
Preceded by Jennifer Crawford Glendening
Succeeded by Catherine Curran O'Malley
Personal details
Born Kendel Sibiski
(1961-10-08) October 8, 1961 (age 53)
Baltimore, Maryland
Spouse(s) Robert Ehrlich (m. July 24, 1993)[1]
Children Drew Robert (age 15)[2] and Joshua Taylor (age 10)[3]
Alma mater University of Delaware (1983),[4] University of Baltimore School of Law (1987)[5]
Occupation Assistant Public Defender (1990–1995);[4] County Prosecutor (4 years);[6] Cable television Lawyer, Consultant, Producer (1997–2007);[7] Bank Director (from 2007)[8][9]
Profession Attorney (licensed 1987)[10]

Kendel Sibiski Ehrlich is the former First Lady of Maryland, having served from 2003 to 2007 during the administration of Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich.[11][12] She is the first woman of Polish descent to have been Maryland's First Lady.[1]

From 1990 to 1995,[4] Ehrlich was an Assistant Public Defender in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.[6][13] She also served for four years as a prosecutor with Harford County, Maryland.[6] From 1997 to 2007, Ehrlich worked for Comcast Cable in various capacities,[14] initially as a lawyer, then part-time as a consultant and later a television show producer.[7] An attorney, Mrs. Ehrlich was active in various policy issues while serving as First Lady.[11] After her husband left office, Ehrlich took a job as a Director for BankAnnapolis.[8]

On October 3, 2003, during her first year as First Lady, Mrs. Ehrlich spoke at a domestic violence function and made the statement, "You know, really, if I had an opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, I think I would." She apologized to Spears, and a spokesperson later said that the incident "inadvertently used a figure of speech."[15]

Since leaving public office, Ehrlich and her husband have hosted a Saturday radio show on WBAL-AM.[16][17] By mid-2009, rumors began to surface regarding the prospect of Kendel Ehrlich's running for elected office herself.[6] Her husband was defeated by Martin O'Malley in the 2006 and 2010 Maryland gubernatorial races.


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Honorary titles
Preceded by
Jennifer Crawford Glendening
First Lady of Maryland
January 15, 2003 – January 17, 2007
Succeeded by
Catherine Curran O'Malley