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Kenji Terada (寺田 憲史 Terada Kenji?, born in 1952) is a Japanese scenario writer, anime director, series organizer and novelist. He is probably best known for writing the first three games of the Final Fantasy series, his work on Batman: Dark Tomorrow, and as the series organizer and main script writer for the Kimagure Orange Road series. He created the concept for the Sega CD game Dark Wizard and also wrote a manga based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series.[citation needed]


Kenji Terada was born in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated in 1973 from Waseda University with a degree in European History. During his degree, Terada did illustrations for newspapers and magazines, worked on film sets, and did some work as an animator. In 1978, he became an assistant for artist Osamu Tezuka, and in 1980 he became a freelance writer and director for various projects, including writing the scripts for Baoh, Dirty Pair, and Kimagure Orange Road. He also did some work for Square, writing the scripts for the first three Final Fantasy video games. He remained a script writer for films and animation until 2003, when he served as both the writer and director for the video game Batman: Dark Tomorrow, as well as the director for the Firestorm anime series. He has since worked on Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles as well as several other shows and video games.[1]




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