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For the Scottish singer and composer, see Marjory Kennedy-Fraser.

Kennedy Fraser (born 1948) is an American essayist, and fashion writer.


She is a native of England.[1] Her work appeared in Vogue,[2] The New Yorker,[3] where she wrote for William Shawn.[4]





Kennedy Fraser's The Fashionable Mind is first of all a charming collection of essays, but within the powder-pink jacket with its stylish gray typeface is a serious and affecting book.[5]

I consider Kennedy Fraser's essay collection The Fashionable Mind and its follow-up, Scenes From the Fashionable World (1987), as really one book--one carefully, coruscatingly detailed panorama of the process of fashion, from thrift-shop chic to haute couture. The vignettes cover the 1970s and '80s, fashion high and low.[6]


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