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Kenneth Frank Eichner
Alma mater North Carolina State University, Antioch School of Law
Occupation Lawyer, Author, Film Producer

Kenneth Frank Eichner is an American lawyer, author, and film producer. Eichner was a prosecutor in Prince George's County, Maryland before rising to prominence as a defense attorney based in Denver, Colorado.[1] As a prosecutor, Eichner successfully prosecuted Warren E. Graham, a 17-year-old boy that shot a high school teacher.[2]

As a defense attorney, Eichner controversially defended Carol Elkins, a nurse charged with murder. Though she faced life in prison, Elkins was eventually sentenced to house arrest.[3] Other notable defenses include infamous serial killer Scott Lee Kimball,[4] and Don Dewitt Smith, who was cleared of a vicious assault.[5]

Eichner also writes on legal issues, both through nonfiction and fiction. He recently wrote an article regarding the Carol Chambers scandal in Arapahoe County, Colorado.[6][7] Additionally, he has published a novel entitled D.A. Diaries about a federal murder trial.[8][9]

Additionally, Eichner has worked in film production, notably as an associate producer for the Academy Award-winning short documentary, "Fine Food, Fine Pastries, Open 6 to 9."[10]


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