Kenneth Irons

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Kenneth Irons
Publication information
Publisher Image Comics/Top Cow and Dreamwave
First appearance Cyblade/Shi: The Battle for Independents (1995)[1]

Kenneth Irons is a fictional comic book supervillain. He is depicted as the person behind nearly every evil deed in the Top Cow series Witchblade.[2][3][4]

Fictional character biography[edit]

Irons is head of Irons International, business man of the year of Fortune magazine and one of the ten richest men of the world. He made his fortune though drug trafficking, prostitution, slavery, and the arms industry. His one obsession is The Witchblade.

Early life[edit]

Irons was born in the mid-to-late 1100ds during the reign of King Richard I and served as a leader of the Templar Knights in the Third Crusade. He and his son Garard Irons, along with a group of other Knights made their way into a holy place were they found and drank from the Holy Grail, making them virtually immortal.

Witchblade series[edit]

In the late 19th century when, while on an archaeological dig in Greece, Irons discovered The Witchblade gauntlet. Curiosity about the mystical artifact soon led to a quest for knowledge, which would later become a true obsession with the Witchblade, and controlling the power it holds. Irons has researched every bearer of The Witchblade, read every ancient tome that might refer to its capabilities, and attempted to find that one person whom it would accept, and reveal its secrets to. Since Sara Pezzini has been revealed to be that person, Irons has turned his obsession onto her. His ambition comes to an end at the end of Witchblade #75 where he was shot by Sara's captain after being turned mortal by Ian Nottingham and his Excalibur. Irons was the second to be killed in the Dead Pool.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Due to having drunk from the Holy Grail, Irons was virtually immortal in the sense that he did not age and was immune to death from natural causes. He was immune to all earthly illnesses and remained eternally young and healthy. He possessed a limited healing factor that allowed him to heal from superficial wounds at a very fast rate, though he could still be killed by severe wounds such as being impaled through the chest. Irons was at peak human physical fitness and had enhanced durability.

Irons possessed knowledge of magic enchantments that allowed him telekinesis and the ability to teleport himself and others. He is also shown to know a spell that can summon Ariel Chylde and transfer her powers to him. Irons can also feel or sense magical energy. Irons was a skilled swordsmanship, leader, and fighter due to his experiences with the Templar Knights.

Iron's most potent weapons are his centuries of experience, vast economic resources, and influence over powerful underground organizations such as the Mafia and Yakuza.


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