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Kenny Burns (born in Washington, DC) is a television and radio host. He now splits his time between Atlanta, New York City and Washington, DC. He recently hosted "Celebrity Poker" on BET, and has worked with musical artists such as Monica, Kanye West, Samantha Ronson, Young Gunz, Wale and his newest artist, Marky. Kenny Burns is also part of the upscale clothing line called "Ryan Kenny", which has clothes worn by Jay-Z, Common and Usher. Burns was the Vice President of Rocafella Records in the early-mid 2000's.[1]

The Kenny Burns Show[edit]

The Kenny Burns Show is similar to Entertainment Tonight. The show will feature the "lights, camera, action" style that has been synonymous with Kenny’s personality and career to date. He calls himself the "Black Robin Leach".[2]


Kenny Burns is currently in the process of creating his own charitable foundation in Washington, DC. He will be opening a youth center to contribute to the musical aspirations of the underprivileged children of DC.