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Kenny Klein (born 1955, New York City) is an American Celtic, folk and country musician, a published author, playwright, actor and poet. He is an elder and a High Priest in the Blue Star tradition of Wicca.[1] Klein is a noted fiddler, and plays styles ranging from Irish and British to jazz and swing.

Musical career[edit]

Klein and his then-wife performed as a duo called Kenny and Tzipora in the mid-1980s, and they recorded several projects on Kicking Mule Records, including the album Wineskins, Tinkers, & Tears in 1985. Together with their children they traveled around the US, performing at Pagan festivals, Renaissance fairs, and folk music venues.[2] In 1992, Kenny and Tzipora divorced, and Kenny began his solo music career, subsequently releasing several projects on Blackthorn Records. In 1998 he released the CD Muses, an album of all original music produced by Brewers' Witch Productions.

Klein has played both as a solo musician and with various bands, including The Long Goners and The Slick Skillet Serenaders.

He worked with Enrichment Works, a non-profit organization that brings performance art to public schools in the Los Angeles area.[3]

Neopagan activities[edit]

Through his interest in British music, Klein discovered the Wiccan and Neopagan communities. He learned a great deal about traditional Scottish Witchcraft from New York merchant Eileen Campbell Gordon, and then joined the Blue Star coven and tradition of Wicca, becoming a High Priest within that tradition in 1983. Between 1983 and 1992 he and his wife, High Priestess Tzipora Klein (née Katz) were largely responsible for transforming Blue Star from a local coven to a Wiccan tradition of its own.[4] Touring the country during that period performing music, Kenny and Tzipora continued to teach Blue Star Wicca, initiating many people and founding many covens, at the same time recording and distributing lessons on cassette tapes.[5] Klein has continued to teach Traditional Wicca since then.

In 1992, after separating from Tzipora, he established the Rose and Antler coven of Blue Star, through which he continued to practice and teach. In 2010 he moved to New Orleans and in 2011 established a new coven, Iron and Cypress.[6] He is the author of The Flowering Rod: Men, Sex and Spirituality, a book on Wicca and Men's Mysteries.

Written works[edit]



  • 1994: Gold of the Autumn – Blackthorn Records
  • 1995: High Grows the Barley – Blackthorn Records
  • 1998: Muses – Brewers' Witch Productions
  • 2004: The Fairy Queen (Kenny Klein & Lori Watley) – Blackthorn Records
  • 2005: Little Birds Of Desire – Blackthorn Records
  • 2005: Barley Moon – Blackthorn Records
  • 2007: Meet Me in the Shade of the Maple Tree – Blackthorn Records
  • 2008: Oak & Ash – Blackthorn Records
  • 2011: Ghosts of the Delta – Independent[14]
  • 2012: Black Cat Blues – Independent[15][16][17]

With Tzipora Katz[edit]

  • 1983: Worn Out Threads and Tire Treads (live album) – Kicking Mule Records
  • 1983: Moon Hooves in the Sand – Blue Star Records (cassette)
  • 1984: Songs of the Otherworld – Kenny & Tzipora (cassette)
  • 1985: Wineskins, Tinkers, & Tears – Kicking Mule Records (LP)
  • 1986: Dreamer's Web – Kenny & Tzipora (cassette)
  • 1988: Fairy Queen – Kenny & Tzipora (cassette)
  • 1989: Both Sides of the Water – Kenny & Tzipora (cassette)
  • 1990: Branches – Kenny & Tzipora — Magical Audio Graphics Incomplete (cassette)
  • 1990: Kenny & Tzipora: Live & Kickin' at A.C.E.A.C.E. (cassette)
  • 1990: Enchantress – Gypsy (Kenny & Tzipora guest artists) – White Light Pentacles (cassette; CD release 2001)
  • 2004: Best of Pagan Song (compilation CD) – Serpentine Music Productions


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