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Kenny Muhammad (born December 3, 1968) is an American beatboxer occasionally referred to as The Human Orchestra, a moniker he affirmed by performing David Eaton's composition.[1][2]

Kenny is known for using a technique called the "wind technique", which heavily utilizes breathing as an element of the beatbox routine. This creates a unique effect of audibly inhaling and exhaling while simultaneously creating percussion sounds with the mouth.[3]

In 1992 Kenny toured globally with a cappella singing group Rockapella as a vocal percussionist for their 1992 tour. Kenny told the group that he preferred to be introduced for his vocal percussion solos as Kenny X. Since then, he has worked with many other artists, a large proportion from outside the hip hop genre, including Public Enemy, Mindless Self Indulgence, Matisyahu, Squarepusher, The X-Ecutioners, Regina Belle, The Gap Band, Maxwell, Angie Stone, Stevie Wonder, Vernon Reid, GEN.EX, D.A. Smart and Take 6. Kenny has also collaborated extensively with fellow beatboxer Rahzel.[4]

In 2010, Kenny's talents were featured on an episode of the television series Stan Lee's Superhumans.


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