Lake Ewauna

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Lake Ewauna
Lake Ewauna view.JPG
Seagull flying over Ewauna Lake
Location Klamath Falls, Oregon,
United States
Coordinates 42°12′48″N 121°46′43″W / 42.21333°N 121.77861°W / 42.21333; -121.77861Coordinates: 42°12′48″N 121°46′43″W / 42.21333°N 121.77861°W / 42.21333; -121.77861
Primary inflows Link River
Basin countries United States

Lake Ewauna is a lake in Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States. It is the headwaters of the Klamath River. Fed by Link River from Upper Klamath Lake and controlled by the release of water from Keno Dam 18 mi (29 km) downstream, Lake Ewauna stays at a constant level throughout the year.

Lake Ewauna is the ideal length for crew rowing and since 1970 the Ewauna Rowing Club has been using the lake for practice and competition.[1]

Lake Ewauna was home to several lumber mills in the 20th century, and was a log pond for those mills. The last floating logs came out in the 1990s as the last mill on the lake shore, Modoc Lumber Company, closed its doors. The former Modoc mill site is now being developed as Timbermill Shores.[2]

Some logs were removed from the lake bottom in the late 1990s but many remain still on the bottom, remnants of a near century of log pond use. A few logs rise to the surface in spring every year causing hazard to boat traffic.

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