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Kent Carter, 1998.

Kent Carter (born June 12, 1939 in Hanover, New Hampshire) is an American jazz bassist. He is the grandson of American artist, Rockwell Kent. He worked in Steve Lacy's group, played on the two Jazz Composer's Orchestra albums and also released albums for Emanem Records.[1]


As leader[edit]

  • Beauvais Cathedral (Emanem, 1974)
  • The Juillaguet Collection (Emanem, 1996) with Albrecht Maurer
  • The Willisau Suites (Emanem, 1997)
  • Intersections (Emanem, 2004/2005)
  • Rivière Composers Pool; Summer Works 2009 (Emanem, 2010) with Theo Jörgensmann, Albrecht Maurer, Etienne Rolin

As Sideman[edit]

With Steve Lacy

With Jazz Composer's Orchestra

With Un Drame Musical Instantané

  • A Travail égal salaire égal (GRRR, 1982)

With Paul Bley

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