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Kent City School District
Kent DePeyster 1.JPG
District offices at former Depeyster School in Kent
Type and location
Type Public
Grades Pre-K through 12
Established 1860
Location Kent, Ohio, United States
Coordinates 41°09′24″N 81°21′21″W / 41.15667°N 81.35583°W / 41.15667; -81.35583Coordinates: 41°09′24″N 81°21′21″W / 41.15667°N 81.35583°W / 41.15667; -81.35583
District information
Superintendent George Joseph
Students and staff
Students 3,535 (2009)[1]
Other information

The Kent City School District is a public school district based in Kent, Ohio, United States. It serves just over 3,500 students living in Kent, Franklin Township, Brady Lake, and Sugar Bush Knolls, as well as a small portion of southern Streetsboro.[2] The district has seven schools including four elementary schools (Davey, Holden, Longcoy, and Walls) housing grades K-5 (Davey Elementary also houses the district's pre-school program); Stanton Middle School, which houses grades 6-8; and Theodore Roosevelt High School, which houses grades 9-12. The superintendent is George Joseph, who began his tenure in July 2014 after working as Executive Director of Administrative Services for the Worthington City School District in Worthington, Ohio. The district offices are located in the historic and former DePeyster School on North DePeyster Street in Kent.[3]


The district was formed around 1860[4] by merging several smaller one-room school house districts into one centralized district for the village. As Kent was still known as Franklin Mills, the district was originally known as the "Franklin Union School District".[5] The district would continue to be known as a "Franklin Union" district even after residents voted to change the name of the village from Franklin Mills to Kent in 1864. During the 1860s, the district began to divide the students in the school houses by grade level. As a result of the curriculum and management changes, the district elected to close the schoolhouses and erect a centralized building for all grades. Although initially planned for 1868, construction delays prevented the building from opening until Spring 1869. During the school year leading up to the opening of the new building, which would initially be known as the "Union School" and later as "Central School," students in the high school grades were housed at the Franklin Township Hall[6] in Kent while all other grades remained at their respective school house. The building would serve as the home of all students until growth in the community necessitated the construction of two additional elementary schools: South School in 1880 and DePeyster School in 1888. [4] Even with the new schools, the original Union/Central building would be the home of Kent High School until 1922.[4]

This building originally served as Theodore Roosevelt High School when it opened in 1922. It would later serve as Davey Junior High School/Davey Middle School from 1959-1999, and since 2000, as Davey Elementary School.

As Kent continued to grow throughout the twentieth century, new schools and changes became necessary. A new high school was built in 1922 and was named in honor of Theodore Roosevelt. The original Union School would continue to be used as a K-8 building known as Central School until 1953 when a new Central Elementary School was constructed on its predecessor's front yard. Following the completion of the new school, the Union School building was torn down. Additional elementary schools followed first with the construction of Longcoy Elementary School on the city's west side. By 1958 the high school had outgrown its facility, so a new high school building was built on the north side of the city. It retained the name of Theodore Roosevelt and the former high school building was rechristened as Davey Junior High School in the fall of 1959 when the new high school opened. 1959 also saw the merging of the Franklin Local School District and the Brady Lake School District into the Kent City Schools,[7] which added two more elementary schools: Franklin Elementary and Willard (Brady Lake) Elementary. The 1960s saw the last elementary schools built in Kent with the opening of Holden Elementary in 1965 on the city's south side and Walls Elementary on the east side in 1966.[8] Most of South School was razed in 1966 following the completion of Holden except for the building's gym which was leased to the Kent Parks and Recreation Department and used as the Kent Recreation Center. Enrollment growth through the 1960s and into the 1970s resulted in additions at Walls School, Davey Junior High School, and Roosevelt High School. Also in 1970, the district entered into a cooperative agreement with the Stow-Munroe Falls, Cuyahoga Falls, Woodridge, Tallmadge, and Hudson school districts to provide vocational education. This compact, known as the Six District Compact, was the first of its kind in the state of Ohio.[9] In 1978, ninth graders were moved from Davey to Roosevelt, Emma Willard School in Brady Lake was closed, and the school board moved into offices in the renovated DePeyster School building.[10]


Facility Location Head Photo
District offices 321 N. DePeyster St.
41°9′24″N 81°21′21″W / 41.15667°N 81.35583°W / 41.15667; -81.35583 (Kent City School District offices)
George Joseph Kent DePeyster 2.JPG
Transportation Center 1633 St. Clair Ave.
41°8′20″N 81°21′52″W / 41.13889°N 81.36444°W / 41.13889; -81.36444 (Kent City School District Transportation Center)
Richard Lewis[11] Kent Schools Transportation Center.jpg
Christenson Operations Center 1205 Brady Lake Rd.
41°9′51″N 81°20′18″W / 41.16417°N 81.33833°W / 41.16417; -81.33833 (Kent City School District Christenson Operations Center)
Robert Munroe
Elementary Schools
School Grades Location Principal Faculty Enrollment Photo
Davey Elementary School Pre K–5 196 N. Prospect St.
41°9′27″N 81°22′1″W / 41.15750°N 81.36694°W / 41.15750; -81.36694 (Davey Elementary School)
Abbey Bolton[12] 33[13] 506*[13] Kent Davey Elementary.jpg
Holden Elementary School K–5 132 W. School St.
41°8′33″N 81°21′34″W / 41.14250°N 81.35944°W / 41.14250; -81.35944 (Holden Elementary School)
Todd Poole[14] 13[13] 246[13] Holden Elementary.jpg
Longcoy Elementary School K–5 1069 Elno Ave.
41°8′45″N 81°22′56″W / 41.14583°N 81.38222°W / 41.14583; -81.38222 (Longcoy Elementary School)
Janice Swan[15] 23[13] 320[13] Longcoy Elementary.jpg
Walls Elementary School K–5 900 Doramor St.
41°9′29″N 81°20′43″W / 41.15806°N 81.34528°W / 41.15806; -81.34528 (Walls Elementary School)
Heidi Singer[16] 25[13] 300[13] Walls Elementary.jpg
Middle School
Stanton Middle School 6–8 1175 Hudson Rd.
41°10′8″N 81°21′47″W / 41.16889°N 81.36306°W / 41.16889; -81.36306 (Stanton Middle School)
Anthony Horton[17] 67[13] 810[13] Kent Stanton 1.jpg
High School
Theodore Roosevelt High School 9–12 1400 N. Mantua St.
41°10′8″N 81°21′22″W / 41.16889°N 81.35611°W / 41.16889; -81.35611 (Theodore Roosevelt High School)
Robert Klinar[18] 120[13] 1,380[13] Kent Roosevelt front 2.jpg
Closed buildings
School Grades Location Status Years operated Notes Photo
Franklin Elementary School K–5 6662 SR 43
41°10′17″N 81°21′8″W / 41.17139°N 81.35222°W / 41.17139; -81.35222 (Franklin Elementary School)
Closed 1922–2014 Served as Franklin Township School, 1922–59 Kent Franklin.jpg
Central School 200 N. Mantua St.
41°9′20″N 81°21′44″W / 41.15556°N 81.36222°W / 41.15556; -81.36222 (Central School Annex)
Closed 1953–2014 Housed Central Elementary School, 1953–2000
Annex of Roosevelt High School, 2000–14
Central Annex.jpg
Emma Williard School 1–8; K–6 1945 Brady Lake Rd. Closed 1923–78 Merged into Kent Schools, 1959
Sold to private owner
Union School/Central School 1–12; 1–8 200 N. Mantua St. Demolished 1869–1952 Housed all grades, 1869–1922
Replaced by new Central School, 1953
South School K–6 Demolished 1880–1966 Replaced by Holden Elementary School

*= Davey Elementary School enrollment includes the district's preschool.

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