Kent Coast Line

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Kent Coast Line
Kent Railways.svg
The Kent Coast Line, shown with other railway lines in Kent.
Type Suburban rail, Heavy rail
System National Rail
Status Operational
Locale Kent
South East England
Owner Network Rail
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Kent Coast Line
Chatham Main LineRamsgate Branch
To London Victoria
and other London termini
Margateex LCDR Margate / Margate West
Margate Sands(SER) Closed 1926
Margate East(LCDR) Closed 1953
Tivoli Closed 1872
Ramsgate Harbour Tunnel
Ramsgate Harbour(LCDR) Closed 1926
Dumpton Park Opened 1926
Ramsgate Town(SER) Closed 1926
St Lawrence for Pegwell Bay Closed 1916
Ebbsfleet and Cliffsend Halt Closed 1933
Ashford to Ramsgate (via Canterbury West) line
Richborough Castle Halt Closed 1939
Betteshanger Colliery
Martin Mill
Guston Tunnel
Buckland Jn
Chatham Main Line (Dover Branch)
Charlton Tunnel
Dover Priory
Dover Harbour Tunnel
Dover Harbour 1861-1927
Mileage Change
77 mi 76 ch (Victoria)
76 mi 50 ch (Charing Cross)
Hawkesbury Street Junction
Connection to Train Ferry
Pier Junction
Admiralty Pier 1860-1909
Dover Marine 1909-1994
Dover Town 1844-1914
Archcliffe Junction
South Eastern Main Line
To London Charing Cross
and other London termini

The Kent Coast Line is the railway line that runs from Dover Priory to Margate in the English county of Kent.

It was electrified (750v DC third rail) by BR under the 1955 Modernisation Plan.


Services are operated by Southeastern, using Class 375 Trains. Typical service is hourly from Charing Cross to Ashford, dividing there into a part to Ramsgate via Canterbury West, and a part via the Kent Coast Line. See South Eastern Main Line.

A small number of the services via the Kent Coast Line (via Dover Priory) call additionally at Minster on weekday mornings and afternoons, acting as a school service.


The South Eastern Railway's (SER) first main line went to Dover via Folkestone and Ashford. The SER Ashford to Margate Broadstairs and Ramsgate (via Canterbury West) line was then extended south to Deal. This was linked up by the "Dover & Deal Joint Railway" with their bitter rival the London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LCDR).

Upon the joint management of the SER and LCDR in 1899 the track layout at Ashford rationalised, with Thanet receiving similar treatment (by Southern) in the 1920s.

The line was electrified under the BR 1955 Modernisation Plan, in "Kent Coast Electrification (Stage 2)" opening January 1961.

The building of the railway was significant in the development of seaside resorts like Broadstairs.

Dover track layout[edit]

The Railway Clearing House produced a map that shows the complex layout of this area. This shows the separate connection to the pier where trains used to board ferries.