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The Kentucky Rangers, a military organization at the University of Kentucky, was founded by Carl Wes Albright in 1964.


In 1964 a group of UK Army ROTC cadets headed by Carl Wes Albright organized the Kentucky Longrifles. The original goal of the organization was to train cadets in guerrilla type warfare.In 1966, the organization was renamed the Kentucky Rangers, and at the same time, the training was also changed; placing greater emphasis on techniques of conventional warfare.


Primarily, the mission of the Kentucky Rangers is to train sophomore and junior cadets for Advance Camp and to prepare senior cadets for active duty. This program includes training in such subjects as basic first aid, squad and platoon tactics, communications, rappelling, basic mountaineering, patrolling, and weapons.

Mission statement[edit]

The desired result of this Ranger unit is a group of cadets who train like the Rangers, double-time like the Airborne, look like the Presidential Honor Guard, and have more "Esprit de Corps" than the Marines. We are a proud group of young men who are endeavoring to prepare ourselves more adequately to assume the tasks of young army officers.