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Kentucky Route 17 marker

Kentucky Route 17
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Major junctions
South end: US 27.svg US 27 near Falmouth
  Elongated circle 491.svg KY 491 in DeMossville
Elongated circle 14.svg KY 14 in Walton
Elongated circle 16.svg KY 16 in Independence
Elongated circle 536.svg KY 536 in Independence
I-275.svg I-275 in Covington
Elongated circle 371.svg KY 371 in Covington
Elongated circle 16.svg KY 16 in Covington
Elongated circle 8.svg KY 8 in Covington
North end: Cincinnati, OH
Counties: Pendleton, Kenton
Highway system
KY 16 KY 18

Kentucky Route 17 is a state highway that runs from US 27 in unincorporated Pendleton County to the Kentucky/Ohio border in Covington. The road begins by branching off U.S. 27 in Catawba, about four miles north of Falmouth. The road heads north with a slight bend west. The road takes a sharp turn west with an intersection with KY 467 in DeMossville. The road then heads in a western/northwestern direction, up to Walton, where it meets KY 14. Having picked up the name "Madison Pike" at the Kenton County line several miles south of KY 14, KY 17 heads north toward Independence. Approcaching Independence, the road intersects with KY 16, where KY 16 undergoes a name change: it is known as Walton-Nicholson Road to the west of KY 17, and Taylor Mill Road to the east of KY 17. KY 17 was rerouted to the south of downtown Independence. The old section of KY 17 continues through the heart of Independence, containing landmarks such as Simon Kenton High School and the Kenton County Courthouse where it is know called KY 17 Business. Just north of downtown Independence, KY 17 is transitioned from a 2-lane road to a 4-lane divided highway. The name "Madison Pike" stays with the older road that KY 17 was formerly routed along until 2002, and the split occurs at the corner where Summit View Elementary and Middle Schools sit. KY 17 picks up the name "Madison Pike" again when the old road meets up with the current route a little over two miles north. KY 17 passes a park named "Pioneer Park" as it continues north, to its intersection with Interstate 275. The road then continues north into Covington. Less than a mile north of its junction with KY 16, Holmes High School is located on the east side of KY 17. The road then continues north to the Ohio River, where it crosses the river along the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. Now in Cincinnati, Ohio, the route terminates near US 52.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Pendleton   US 27 – Falmouth
  KY 1853 west
Greenwood KY 3185 north (Butler Greenwood)
  KY 467 south south end of KY 467 overlap
  KY 467 north to KY 177 north end of KY 467 overlap
  KY 491 west
Kenton   KY 2046 east (Fiskburg Road) south end of KY 2046 overlap
  KY 2046 west north end of KY 2046 overlap
Piner KY 14
Atwood KY 3072 east (Hempfling Road)
  KY 2042 east (Moffett Road)
Nicholson KY 16
Independence KY 536 (Shaw Road / Harris Pike / KY 17 Bus. north)
KY 2045 (McCullum Road) – Kenton County Courthouse

KY 17 Bus. south
Covington KY 1486 interchange
KY 3035
Erlanger KY 1501 east (Hands Pike)
Fort Wright Old KY 17 (KY 3148 south)
I‑275 to I‑71 / I‑75 / KY 9 – Airport, Newport I-275 exit 80
KY 371 north (Orphanage Road)
KY 1072 (Highland Pike)
KY 3187 north (Kyles Lane)
KY 3070 east (Howard Litzler Road)
Covington KY 16 south (James Avenue) no right turn northbound

KY 17 Truck north (Madison Avenue)

KY 1120 west / KY 17 Truck south (M.L. King Jr. Boulevard) to I‑75
one-block overlap with KY 1120 west (southbound only)
KY 8 east (East 5th Street)
KY 8 west (East 4th Street) to I‑71 / I‑75
Ohio River John A. Roebling Bridge
Hamilton Cincinnati, OH Theodore M. Berry Way roundabout
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi