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Kentucky Route 80 marker

Kentucky Route 80
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length: 464.936 mi[1] (748.242 km)
Major junctions
West end: KY 58 in Columbus
  US 45 / KY 58 / KY 121 in Mayfield

US 641 north of Murray
US 68 in Aurora
I-24 near Cadiz
Pennyrile Parkway in Hopkinsville
US 79 in Russellville
Natcher Parkway in Bowling Green
I-65 in Oakland
US 68 in Edmonton
US 27 in Somerset
I-75 in London
Hal Rogers Parkway in London
US 421 in Manchester

US 23 / Corridor B in Watergap
East end: SR 80 east of Elkhorn City
Counties: Hickman, Carlisle, Graves, Calloway, Marshall, Trigg, Christian, Todd, Logan, Warren, Barren, Metcalfe, Adair, Russell, Casey, Pulaski, Laurel, Clay, Leslie, Perry, Knott, Floyd, Pike
Highway system
KY 79 KY 81

Kentucky Route 80 (KY 80) is a 464.936-mile-long (748.242 km) state highwy in the southern part of the U.S. state of Kentucky. The route originates on the state's western border at Columbus in Hickman County, and stretches across the southern portion of the state, terminating southeast of Elkhorn City on the Virginia state line. It is the longest Kentucky State Highway, though the official distance as listed in route logs is much less due to multiple concurrencies with U.S. Route 68 (US 68) and U.S. Route 23.

The route was split into two segments from 2003 to November 2009. Construction and relocation of Kentucky Route 80 in Graves, Calloway, and Marshall counties during this time caused the route to be split. A new, four-laned 8.5-mile (13.7 km) section of Kentucky Route 80 opened in Calloway County on November 25, 2009. The route is now four-lanes from Mayfield to Aurora with plans to complete the four-laning from Aurora to Cadiz over the next few years.[citation needed]

Route description[edit]

Jackson Purchase region[edit]

From Columbus, the road passes through Hickman, Carlisle, and Graves Counties to Mayfield. Before 2003, the road passed through Mayfield and into Marshall County before converging with U.S. Route 68 in Aurora. The two-lane segment of former Kentucky Route 80 from Mayfield to Aurora now has two separate designations. From Mayfield to Brewers in Marshall County, the road retains its former co-designation as Kentucky Route 58. The segment from Brewers to Aurora is now designated as Kentucky Route 402.

From Mayfield, Kentucky Route 80 travels along a new four-lane corridor into Calloway County and on to Murray. The route continues through eastern Calloway County and into Marshall County before converging with U.S. Route 68 near the eastern terminus of Kentucky Route 402 in Aurora.

Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake to Somerset[edit]

From Aurora, it follows U.S. Route 68 through Trigg, Christian, Todd, and Logan counties to Bowling Green (Warren County).

From Bowling Green through Glasgow to Edmonton, Kentucky Route 80 remains co-joined with US Route 68 serving eastern Warren, Barren and Metcalfe Counties until it goes a little past downtown Edmonton.

From Glasgow to Somerset, Kentucky Route 80 is paralleled (and largely supplanted) by the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway, which is officially designated as the future route of Interstate 66 (I-66), although interest in that project has been lost.

Kentucky Route 80 serves rural portions of Barren, Metcalfe (including the city of Edmonton), Adair, Russell, and Casey counties to Somerset (Pulaski County).

Somerset to Hazard[edit]

Between Somerset and London (Laurel County), Kentucky Route 80 is again the primary route. The state's I-66 proposals call for Kentucky Route 80 to again be bypassed in this area, with the new road sharing only the crossing over the Rockcastle River gorge.[2] This proposal has met with controversy, with area residents preferring that the new Interstate be built on the existing Kentucky Route 80 right of way.[3]

From London to Hazard, Kentucky Route 80 is again supplanted, this time by the former Daniel Boone Parkway, renamed the Hal Rogers Parkway in 2003. Kentucky Route 80 serves rural portions of Clay, Leslie, and Perry counties before rejoining the Parkway near Hazard.

Hazard to Pikeville and the Virginia border[edit]

Kentucky Route 80 is a modern four-lane highway (though not controlled access) from Hazard through Knott County to Watergap in Floyd County where it converges with U.S. Route 23. This section of Kentucky Route 80 was completely new construction, with the old highway's segments renamed with several designations, primarily Kentucky Route 550. Kentucky Route 80 continues, concurrent with U.S. Route 460 until reaching Belcher in Pike County and continues into Virginia from Elkhorn City as Virginia State Route 80.


KY 80's original western terminus was on the east side of Bowling Green during the 1930s and early 1940s. It was extended to its current length around the late 1940s or early 1950s.[4]

Mississippi River ferry at Columbus, Kentucky[edit]

Originally, westbound Kentucky Route 80 continued via ferry across the Mississippi River to Belmont, Missouri, where it connected with Missouri Route 80, which traveled west to U.S. Routes 61/62 near Sikeston, Missouri.[4][5] That ferry has long since been discontinued.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Hickman Columbus
KY 58 / KY 123 south / Great River Road (National Route) south
west end of KY 123 / Great River Road overlap
KY 123 north / Great River Road (National Route) north
east end of KY 123 / Great River Road overlap; west end of Great River Road Alternate overlap
Carlisle Arlington KY 1772 south

US 51 / Great River Road (Alternate National Route) south – Bardwell, Clinton
east end of Great River Road Alternate overlap
Milburn KY 1371 north
KY 1377 north
  KY 307 – Fulton
Graves Fancy Farm KY 339 north west end of KY 339 overlap
KY 339 south east end of KY 339 overlap
  KY 384 west
Mayfield Purchase Parkway (US 45 Byp.) to US 45 – Benton, Fulton Purchase Pkwy. exit 22
US 45 south / KY 58 west (8th Street) west end of KY 58 overlap (westbound)
US 45 north (7th Street) west end of KY 58 overlap (eastbound)

KY 58 east (Broadway) / KY 121 Bus. south (6th Street)
east end of KY 58 overlap
Gap in route
KY 303
KY 121 Bus. north
west end of KY 121 Bus. overlap
  KY 97 south / KY 121 north east end of KY 121 Bus. overlap; west end of KY 121 overlap
  KY 940 north
  KY 1124 east
  KY 121 south – Farmington east end of KY 121 overlap
  KY 564 – Farmington
  KY 1124
Calloway   KY 1836 to KY 121
  KY 299
  KY 783 – Airport
  US 641 – Benton, Murray
  KY 1483
  KY 94C west
  KY 464
  KY 1551
  KY 1346
Marshall   KY 94 west
  US 68 west to KY 402 – Paducah west end of US 68 overlap
Kentucky Lake Eggner's Ferry Bridge
Trigg Land Between the Lakes The Trace interchange
  Canton Bridge over Lake Barkley
Canton KY 164 east
  KY 1489 east – Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Airport
  KY 272 east
  KY 1489 west – Airport
US 68 Bus. east – Cadiz Business District
  KY 1175
  KY 139 – Dover
US 68 Bus. west – Cadiz Business District
KY 3468 east
KY 3468 west – Trigg County Museum
Cadiz (Montgomery) KY 276 west / KY 1585 south
Cadiz I-24 – Paducah, Nashville I-24 exit 65
  KY 958 north
  KY 128 north – Cerulean
  KY 3186 east – Gracey
Christian   KY 1026 – Gracey
  KY 3186 west – Gracey
  KY 1349 north
US 68 Byp. east / US 68 Truck east / KY 1682 east (Eagle Way) to Pennyrile Parkway
Hopkinsville KY 91 north
KY 109 north (Dawson Springs Road) – Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park west end of KY 109 overlap
KY 1007 (North Drive)
KY 107 south (South Main Street) west end of KY 107 overlap (westbound)
US 41 north (South Virginia Street) west end of US 41 overlap (westbound); west end of KY 107 overlap (eastbound)
Liberty Street west end of US 41 overlap (eastbound)
South Clay Street (KY 2544 north)
KY 107 north (South Campbell Street)

US 41 Alt. south (Walnut Street)
US 41 south / KY 109 south (East 9th Street) east end of US 41 / KY 109 overlap
Pennyrile Parkway – Madisonville, Fort Campbell Pennyrile Pkwy. exit 9
KY 1979 west (East 7th Street)

US 68 Byp. west / US 68 Truck west (Martin Luther King Highway)
  KY 1716 north (Overby Lane)
  KY 1027 south
  Jeff Davis Highway (US 68A east) - Fairview
  KY 1843
  Jefferson Davis Monument Historic Site former KY 1801
Todd   Jeff Davis Highway (US 68A west) - Fairview
Tress Shop KY 475 / to Stringtown Road
US 68 Bus. east – Elkton
Elkton KY 181 – Elkton, Guthrie, Airport, Lake Malone State Park, Elkton Historic District, Birthplace of Robert Penn Warren
US 68 Bus. west – Elkton
  KY 1309 south – Daysville
Logan Whippoorwill KY 1151
US 431 south / US 68 Bus. east – Adairville, Clarksville, TN
west end of US 431 overlap
KY 178
US 431 north – Lewisburg, Central City, Lake Malone State Park east end of US 431 overlap
KY 3519
  KY 79
US 68 Bus. west / KY 100 east – Franklin, Airport
  KY 2369 south
  KY 722 west
US 68 Bus. east – Auburn Business District
Auburn KY 103 – Chandlers Chapel, Auburn Business District
US 68 Bus. west – Auburn Business District
  KY 73 – South Union, 1869 Shaker Tavern, Historic Franklin
  KY 1466 – Shaker Museum Historic Site
  KY 2349 south / to Hardison Road
Warren   KY 240 east
  KY 242 east – Rockfield
  KY 1083 north
Bowling Green KY 432 north (Blue Level Road)
Natcher Parkway to I-65 – Owensboro Natcher Pkwy. exit 7

US 231 south (Campbell Lane) / US 68 Bus. east (Russellville Road)
west end of US 231 overlap

US 231 north / US 231 Bus. south (Morgantown Road) to Natcher Parkway
east end of US 231 overlap
  KY 2665
  KY 1435 north (Barren River Road)
Bowling Green KY 185 north (Gordon Avenue)

US 68 Bus. west (Kentucky Street) / KY 234 east (7th Avenue)
US 31W south (East Riverview Drive) west end of US 31W overlap
KY 3225 west (Old Louisville Road)
KY 1402 east (Porter Pike) to KY 957 / Plum Springs Loop
To I-65 (KY 446 east) – Louisville, Nashville, Corvette Museum interchange
KY 957 north
KY 526 west to KY 1320
US 31W north east end of US 31W overlap
  I-65 south – Nashville I-65 exit 36
  KY 101 to I-65
Hays KY 259 north
Barren Merry Oaks KY 2240 south
Bon Ayr KY 255
  KY 685
  KY 2189 north
US 68 Bus. east
KY 90
US 31E
US 68 Bus. west / KY 1519 south to Cumberland Parkway
  KY 740 north (Coral Hill Road)
Metcalfe Wisdom KY 640
  Cumberland Parkway – Somerset, Bowling Green Cumberland Pkwy. exit 27
Edmonton KY 3234 west
KY 861 west
KY 163 south
US 68 east east end of US 68 overlap
KY 3524 west
Gascon KY 2399 west
Adair   KY 768 south west end of KY 768 overlap
Weed KY 768 north east end of KY 768 overlap
  KY 2982 east
  KY 959 north
  KY 2973 north
  KY 61 south west end of KY 61 overlap
Columbia KY 55 / KY 61 north east end of KY 61 overlap
KY 2287 north west end of KY 2287 overlap
Tutt Street (KY 2287 south) east end of KY 2287 overlap

KY 55 Bus. north / KY 439 north
west end of KY 55 Bus. overlap; traffic circle around Adair County Courthouse
KY 2290 north (Lowes Lane)

KY 55 Bus. south to Cumberland Parkway – Glens Fork
east end of KY 55 Bus. overlap
  KY 3491 north
  KY 2968 south
  KY 531 north
  KY 1729 east
Russell Royville KY 1729 west
Russell Springs KY 1870 west
KY 430 south
KY 379 south west end of KY 379 overlap
KY 1545 north
KY 379 north / KY 3017 south east end of KY 379 overlap
US 127 to Cumberland Parkway – Liberty, Jamestown
  KY 910 east
  KY 76 north west end of KY 76 overlap
Fonthill KY 76 south east end of KY 76 overlap
Casey Windsor KY 910 west west end of KY 910 overlap
KY 910 east – Liberty east end of KY 910 overlap
Pulaski   KY 837
  Cumberland Parkway Cumberland Pkwy. exit 78
  KY 3262 south
  KY 2993 north
Nancy KY 196 west
KY 235 south
  KY 3189 north – Pulaski County Park
  Lee's Ford Marina (KY 1001 east)
  KY 1248 west
  KY 3261 south
KY 914 east / KY 80 Bus. east – Burnside
west end of KY 914 overlap
  KY 914 west to Cumberland Parkway – Bowling Green east end of KY 914 overlap
  Hacker Connector (KY 3261)
To KY 80 Bus. (KY 1225 south)
Ringgold Road (KY 3263 west) - EKU Somerset Campus
US 27 to Cumberland Parkway – Stanford, Burnside, Bowling Green
Clifty Road (KY 2300 south)
KY 1247 – Somerset
KY 39 – Crab Orchard, Somerset
KY 3260 east

KY 80 Bus. west to KY 192
  KY 914 west to US 27 / KY 90 – Burnside, Monticello, Burnside Island State Park, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
Sugar Hill KY 3260 west
Barnesburg KY 1317 north
  KY 461 north to I-75 north – Mount Vernon
Shopville KY 692 west
  KY 1003 south
  KY 1675 south – Stab
Squib KY 1956 east
Laurel   KY 1535
  KY 1035
London KY 1956 west
I-75 – Lexington, Knoxville I-75 exit 41
Hal Rogers Parkway east / US 25 north west end of US 25 overlap
KY 3432 south
Moren Road (KY 1769 north)
West 5th Street (KY 1006 south)
US 25 south (Main Street) east end of US 25 overlap
KY 354 north (Tobacco Road)
KY 638 east
KY 472 east
KY 192 to I-75 / Hal Rogers Parkway
  KY 1561 south
  KY 1305 east
  KY 521 south
  KY 830 south
  KY 488 north
Lida KY 1305 west
  KY 1803
  KY 1803 south
Clay Manchester Hal Rogers Parkway – London, Hazard Hal Rogers Pkwy. exit 20
US 421 north / KY 11 north / KY 2076 north west end of US 421 / KY 11 overlap
KY 3480 north
  KY 11 south east end of KY 11 overlap
Garrard KY 1999 east
  KY 149 north
  KY 1524 south
  KY 2443 west
  KY 873 north
  KY 66 south – Peabody, Beverly, Red Bird Mission west end of KY 66 overlap
Big Creek KY 66 north to Hal Rogers Parkway – Oneida east end of KY 66 overlap
Leslie   KY 3428 north
Bobs Fork KY 1482 north
Hyden KY 118 north to Hal Rogers Parkway – Hazard, Manchester
KY 257 north
US 421 south – Harlan east end of US 421 overlap
  KY 3426 north
  KY 699 east – Cutshin
Wooton KY 1807 east
Perry   KY 1096 east
  KY 451 north west end of KY 451 overlap
  KY 451 south to Hal Rogers Parkway east end of KY 451 overlap
  KY 2021 west
Hazard KY 15 south / KY 550 east – Hazard, Whitesburg interchange; west end of KY 15 overlap
Hal Rogers Parkway west / KY 15 north – London, Jackson, Campton, Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park interchange; east end of KY 15 overlap; KY 80 west follows exit 59
  KY 1146 north – Dice west end of KY 1146 overlap
  KY 1146 south – Bulan, Darfork east end of KY 1146 overlap
  KY 3351 north – Pigeonroost
  KY 476 – Dwarf, Stacy interchange
Knott   KY 2102 south
Big Branch KY 3209 west
  KY 1102 south
  KY 160 – Hindman
  KY 1087 / KY 1098 – Vest, Soft Shell
  KY 2029 north
Floyd West Garrett KY 777 north
Garrett KY 7 / KY 550 – Lackey, Garrett, Wayland interchange
  KY 680 east – McDowell, Wheelwright
  KY 550 west
  KY 2554 east
  KY 777 – Maytown
Martin KY 3188 east
KY 1210 west
KY 3188 west
KY 122 east / KY 1428 north – Martin, McDowell west end of KY 122 overlap
Martin (KY 80S east)
  KY 3190 south
  KY 122 west east end of KY 122 overlap
  KY 3383 south
Prestonsburg (Watergap) US 23 north / US 460 west / KY 302 north – Prestonsburg, Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, Middle Creek National Battlefield, Jenny Wiley Theatre, East Kentucky Science Center interchange; west end of US 23 / US 460 overlap
see US 23
Pike Pikeville US 23 south / US 119 south – Virgie, Jenkins interchange; east end of US 23 / US 119 overlap
  KY 122 west
East Shelbiana KY 1460 north
Sutton KY 3226 south
Millard KY 1441 north – Fishtrap
KY 1789 east – Fishtrap Dam
Marrowbone KY 195 south
Belcher US 460 east – Grundy, VA east end of US 460 overlap
Elkhorn City (Cedarville) KY 1373 north
Elkhorn City KY 197 south
  SR 80 east – Breaks Interstate Park Virginia state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Kentucky Route 80 Business (Somerset)[edit]

Kentucky Route 80 Business
Location: Somerset, Pulaski County
Length: 5.157 mi[1] (8.299 km)

Kentucky Route 80 Business is a business route of Kentucky Route 80 located in Somerset, Kentucky, the Pulaski county seat. It begins on the west side of Somerset at KY 80's junction with the Kentucky Route 914 bypass. It intersects US Route 27 and Kentucky Route 1247 in downtown. Its eastern terminus after intersecting Kentucky Route 912 is at mile point 21.161 of the main route of KY 80 on the east side of Somerset.

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