Keokuk Falls, Oklahoma

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Keokuk Falls is a ghost town in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. The location is 4.5 miles north and 15 miles east of Shawnee.[1] and one mile west of the Creek Nation and one mile north of the Seminole Nation across the North Canadian River.[1] It was named after Chief Moses Keokuk (1821-1908).[1] He is buried in Stroud, Oklahoma's Sac and Fox cemetery.


Had a post office from January 13, 1892, until February 15, 1918.[1] Henry J. Jones was the first postmaster. Mail was sent to Prague after the Post Office closed.

Had one newspaper, the Keokuk Kall.[1]

Platted at the opening of the Sac and Fox Reservation on September 22, 1891.[1]

Became one of the most famous liquor towns in Oklahoma, because it was in the "wet" Oklahoma Territory near the "dry" Indian Territory.[1]

The town became dry at statehood.[1]


Keokuk Falls were on the North Canadian River, about three feet high. They are no longer visible since the riverbed has shifted.[1]

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