Kerala pachadi

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Kerala Pachadi
Course Side dish
Place of origin India
Region or state Kerala
Main ingredients Rice, cucumber or mango
Cookbook:Kerala Pachadi  Kerala Pachadi

Kerala Pachadi is a Kerala vegetable dish. It is a side dish for rice prepared using cucumber or mango. It is served at restaurants along with Vegetable Thali Rice. It is also included with Sadhya, especially with Kerala Onasadhya.


Kerala Mango Pachadi Recipe[edit]

  • Preparation:[1]
    • Peel and cut the mango into small pieces. Mix with salt and set aside.
    • Grind coconut with water and 2 dry chilies thoroughly.
    • Add the coconut-chili mixture to the mango and mix well.
    • Heat oil in a kadai; heat mustard and fry dry chili.
    • Lastly pour into the mango coconut mixture.
    • Best served with plain rice.


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