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Jay Fosgitt's drawing of Kernal Korn.

Kernal Korn is a promotional character for Goodrich Quality Theaters, a Midwestern United States theater chain. He is also regarded as the unofficial mascot of Goodrich Quality Theaters, due to the presence of an inflatable figure of Kernal Korn at every Goodrich theater. Kernal Korn is an anthropomorphized tub of popcorn, holding a cup of Pepsi in his right hand. His attire is that of a Goodrich employee, who still wore dark red vests and wore full-length black ties until 2006.


In 2003, cartoonist Jay Fosgitt was commissioned by Goodrich Quality Theaters to create a promotional character for the company. After numerous revisions, the company settled on the current design and named the character Kernal Korn. Later, inflatable mascots of the character were manufactured and distributed to all Goodrich Quality Theater locations. These figures remain on display at Goodrich theaters. The character is also used for theater promotional materials, such as in-theater advertisements for Goodrich's free kid shows, though his use has become less frequent in recent years.