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Kerr Neilson
Born circa 1950 (age 64–65)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality Australian
South Africa
Occupation Investment manager
Known for Co-founder and Managing Director of Platinum Asset Management
Net worth Increase A$3.35 billion (BRW 2014)[1]
Decrease US$2.10 billion (Forbes 2012)[2]
Spouse(s) Judith Neilson

Paris Neilson

Beau Neilson

Kerr Neilson (born circa 1950, in Johannesburg, South Africa), an Australian investment manager, is the co-founder and managing director of Platinum Asset Management.


Neilson started his financial management career in the investments department of Courtaulds in London.[3] After returning to South Africa in 1973, he moved to Australia ten years later as the head of retail funds management for Bankers Trust Australia (now BT Australia). Neilson established the Platinum Asset Management fund in 1994 with initial backing from George Soros.[4] Platinum specialises in international equities and has an estimated $US16 billion in funds under management.[5] Neilson is its managing director and portfolio manager.[6] In May 2007, Neilson floated 20 percent of Platinum Asset Management on the Australian Stock Exchange. The 57 percent of the company's shares he retained were valued at A$2.9 billion, making him one of Australia's richest people.[7]

Neilson is regularly likened to Warren Buffett for his ability to consistently select high-performing stocks.[8][7][9] Neilson typically avoids "fashionable stocks", instead investing in "good companies, relatively cheaply, over the long term".[10][dead link] However, poor results during the 2012 financial year resulted in a 16 per cent fall in net profit, mainly due to a 14 per cent reduction in investment income. As a result, Neilsen agreed to forego a performance bonus, an increase in his base salary, and neither granted himself nor exercised options. As the principal shareholder of Platinum, Neilsen yielded A$42 million in dividends during the 2012 financial year.[11]


Neilson is married and together with his wife, Judith, they have two children. In 2009, Kerr and Judith Neilson opened the White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney to share with the public their extensive collection of contemporary Chinese art.[12]

Wealth rankings[edit]

Year BRW
Rich 200
Australia's 40 Richest
Rank Net worth (AUD) Rank Net worth (USD)
2010[5] 6 Decrease $2.20 billion Increase
2011[13][14] $2.10 billion Increase 8 Decrease $2.40 billion Increase
2012[15][2] 14 Decrease $2.08 billion Decrease 10 Decrease $2.10 billion Decrease
2013[16] 13 Increase $2.43 billion Increase
2014[1] 10 Increase $3.35 billion Increase
Icon Description
Steady Has not changed from the previous year
Increase Has increased from the previous year
Decrease Has decreased from the previous year


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