Kerswell Priory

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Kerswell Priory (also Carswell) was a priory in Devon, England located to the east of Cullompton and near the small communities of Dulford and Kerswell. The land was given to the church as an endowment from Matilda Peverel,[1] the daughter of Pagan (or Payne) Peverel, a knight who fought in the First Crusade. It was used as a cell for two Cluniac monks and was dependent on the Montacute Priory in Somerset.[2] The priory operated during roughly the same period as the Montacute Priory, being founded in the 1120s and eventually dissolved in 1538.[3]


Coordinates: 50°50′57″N 3°19′00″W / 50.849253°N 3.316734°W / 50.849253; -3.316734 (Kerswell Priory)