Kertész (crater)

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Kertész crater EN0108826812M label.jpg
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 27°26′N 214°04′W / 27.44°N 214.06°W / 27.44; -214.06Coordinates: 27°26′N 214°04′W / 27.44°N 214.06°W / 27.44; -214.06
Diameter 33.0 km
Eponym André Kertész

Located in the western edge of Mercury's giant Caloris basin, Kertész crater (named in 2008 for André Kertész, a Hungarian-born American photographer) has some unusual, bright material located on its floor. Sander crater, located in the northwestern edge of Caloris basin, also shows bright material on its floor. Just northeast of Kertész a small crater has very bright rays and ejecta, indicating that the crater is young.[1]