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Kerugoya is a town in Kenya. It is the capital of Kirinyaga County. Kerugoya is located 10 kilometres east of Karatina and 40 kilometres west of Embu. The word Kerugoya comes from Kikuyu words 'Kiri-guoya' which means 'The fearful (Bush)'. The place was formerly covered with thick bushes and when the whites arrived in the villages, they named the so-called 'Kithaka kiri guoya' (Gichugu Dialect). Hence the modern name Kerugoya.

Kerugoya forms a local authority together with another township, Kutus. It is known as Kerugoya/Kutus municipality. The municipality has a population of 39,441, of whom 14,056 are classified urban (1999 census [1]). The municipality has six wards: Kerugoya Central, Kerugoya North, Kerugoya South, Kutus South, Kutus Central and Nduini. Most of these wards belong to Kerugoya/Kutus Constituency.[2] Kerugoya is also headquarters of Central division of Kirinyaga District.

A famous deaf school Kerugoya School for the Deaf is based in Kerugoya Town. Others are, Kirinyaga Township Primary School, Kerugoya Boys High School, Kerugoya Girls High School, Facing MT. Kenya High. others are Kerugoya Good shepherd academy kerugoya St. Joseph Academy and many more.

It is associated as economic hub of the region given the big arable farms held by local farmers: Tea, coffee,and others food stuff are among the crops grown in the upper area,as the region is most suitable for farming.

To support agricultural and daily farming there are several agro-vet business in Kerugoya town. One of the newest and most popular Agro-vet is Balmgrow located behind cleanshelf supermarket. It has both whole sale and retail services.

The town also hosts some of the best Computer Technical Support Engineers Namely; X-Hoodz Tech. Inc. Located Opp. Kerugoya Cereals Market, West Gate, Mbungu House. They offer: Technical Support, Computer Repair & Maintenance, Software Installation & Development, Computer & Accessories Sales, Website Development & Hosting.

When traveling from Nairobi, the capital city, Kerugoya town is Easily Accessible by use of public service vehicle(or PSV) Vehicles locally known as Matatu[3] and it typically takes about 2 hrs of travel at a legal speed limit of 80 km/h. Mostly these vehicles are located in Nyamakima and Tearoom. the widely used cartel are as follows, KUKENA,Supreme Shuttle, 2NK or Private vehicle etc.

In the recent past a fire tragedy shocked the resident due to its magnitude, and by local reports that alleged, it may have been an arsonist act since the building, which was razed to ashes used to hold avital evidence on post election malpractice by the local election officials and politicians in the disgraced [2007 General Election], between the former MP Karaba, and the current MP ngata Kariuki, who is believed by the former(MP) to have stolen his victory. By-elections have since been held on February 2011 that saw former Mp Daniel Karaba lose his seat to the current Mp honorable Gitari also know by the area residents as Engineer. Kerugoya Town also hosts the county assembly. There also is gas Stations such as: TOTAL, KOBIL, NATIONAL OIL Kerugoya is upcoming very well both socially, economically and academically.This has been evidenced by the presence of various network system in various places like in Wanjao House where Internet service is available 24 hours, seven days per week (24/7). Also the presence of various banks among them Equity bank,Commercial bank,Cooperative bank,Family bank,Barclays bank,K-Rep bank,Bigwa Sacco,Kirinyaga Farmers sacco,Muhigia sacco and recently launched FEP bank shows good performance economically.In 2011 KCPE results the famous kirinyaga county led the whole country.This is a great manifestation of improved academics.


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Coordinates: 0°30′S 37°17′E / 0.500°S 37.283°E / -0.500; 37.283