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Kesh Kumari
Born (1986-11-14) November 14, 1986 (age 28)
London, UK
Nationality British

Kesshia "Kesh" Kumari is an English artist based in Los Angeles.[1]


Kesh was born and raised on the outskirts of London to a Malaysian father and Trinidadian mother. At age 17, she moved to London and began to design customized clothing for grime MC’s Jammer (rapper), Dizzee Rascal and members of Roll Deep.[2] Her distinctive artwork lead to subsequent features in i-D Magazine and her role as fashion editor at SuperSuper Magazine.[1] Simultaneously Kesh solidified her footprint in the emerging digital landscape: via the social network MySpace she began selling limited edition t-shirts of her artwork to an interconnected web of 77,000 friends - Kanye West among them.[2]

As her position in the world of fashion and music continuously overlapped, Kesh became a key figure in London’s nu rave scene. In 2006 - 2007 she DJ’ed with Zezi Ifore and together formed The Coconut Twins.[3] The DJ duo performed extensively throughout Europe, eventually parting ways as Kesh homed in on her artwork. After designing a London Fashion Week collection MAN for Topman,[4] she moved to New York City and launched her second collection show at Anonymous Gallery. In 2009, she co-created Hennessy’s first artist-designed label with David Burrows (artist).[5]

Kesh moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and set up her artistic sanctuary, the cave.[6] She then released her first three independent prints: FETRINITE (300/300), VELENE (74/74) and THE EYE 3 COLOURWAYS (50/50), all of which sold out.[1] Following her participation in Poland’s AYS Art Fair and an installation show at the W Hotel Paris, Kesh held her first independent show entitled ME.ME.ME in Los Angeles featuring 14 signed and framed 40x52 self-portraits.[6] The event was broadcast live via the web and viewed by her thousands of followers across the world.


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