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Written by Noriyuki Murase
Published by Shogakukan
Demographic Children
Magazine CoroCoro Comic
Original run June 2004 – ongoing
Volumes 9
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Keshikasu-kun (ケシカスくん?, a keshi-gomu (消しゴム) is a white eraser) is a Japanese children's manga written and illustrated by Noriyuki Murase (村瀬 範行 Murase Noriyuki). It has been serialized in Monthly CoroCoro Comic from June 2004.[1]

The series is about a white eraser who becomes Keshikasu-kun by putting an eraser crumb on his head and a paper costume on his body. Keshikasu-kun wants to become the best of the stationary supplies, outdoing other characters such as the blackboard eraser (kokuban-keshi) and the correction fluid (shūseieki).[1]

Beginning in 2008 Keshikasu-kun appeared in the television program Oha Coliseum.[1] Keshikasu-kun received the Shogakukan Manga Award in the children's category in 2008.[2] The January issue of Monthly Coro Coro Comic, released on December 15, 2009.[1]

The January 2010 issue of Monthly Coro Coro Comic, released on December 15, 2009, revealed that an anime adaptation, classified by Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions as a television program, has been approved.[1]


  • Keshikasu (ケシカス)
  • Bōzu (ボウズ)
  • Enpitsu (エンピツ)
  • Chibikasu (チビカス)
  • Shūseieki (修正液) - The correction fluid
  • Kokuban Keshi (黒板消し) - The blackboard eraser


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