Ketagalan language

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Native to Taiwan
Ethnicity Ketagalan
Extinct (date missing)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 kae
Glottolog keta1243[1]
(dark green, north) The Kavalanic languages: Basai, Ketagalan, and Kavalan

Ketagalan (Ketangalan, Tangalan) (Chinese: 凱達格蘭語; pinyin: Kǎidágélán Yǔ) was a Formosan language spoken south of modern-day Taipei in northern Taiwan by the Ketagalan people. The language now has become extinct.


Li (1992) distinguishes six Ketagalan dialects (alternatively called the "Basaic" group of Eastern Formosan).[2]

  • Ketagalan
    • Western
      • Luilang
      • Nankan
      • Puting
    • Eastern
      • Basay
      • (Branch)
        • Trobiawan
        • Linaw

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