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Nickname(s): Taupang (Teochew dialect), Kayong
Motto: Ketapang ASRI (Aman/Peaceful, Sehat/Healthy, Ramah/Friendly, Indah/Beautiful)
Ketapang is located in Indonesia
Coordinates: 1°51′S 109°59′E / 1.850°S 109.983°E / -1.850; 109.983Coordinates: 1°51′S 109°59′E / 1.850°S 109.983°E / -1.850; 109.983
Country Indonesia
Province West Kalimantan
 • Regent Henrikus
Time zone WIB (UTC+7)

Ketapang is the capital city of Ketapang Regency (Kabupaten Ketapang), one of the regencies of West Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Ketapang city is located at 1°51′S 109°59′E / 1.850°S 109.983°E / -1.850; 109.983 and is a small city on the delta of the Pawan River. Ketapang is served by the Ketapang Airport (Rahadi Osman Airport).

Ketapang from the air


Ketapang is named from the local Malay name for ketapang fruit (Terminalia catappa).

In 1936, Ketapang regency became one of the Afdeling (district in Dutch) in Keresidenan Kalimantan Barat (Residentis Western Afdeling van Borneo). In 1956, Ketapang regency became an autonomous regency in West Kalimantan province, and led by a regent (bupati).

Keraton Matan (also known as Keraton G.M.Saunan, name of the last King) used to be a Malay's kingdom palace. Now a museum

Ketapang was part of Tanjungpura Kingdom


The main industries consists in the production of palm oil, rubber and wood. And also there are some mining like bauxite, zircon sand and lead (Batu Galena)

Ketapang city and Tugu Tolak Bala
Aston Ketapang City Hotel and Lotus Mebel (furniture store).


There are 37 high schools operated by state, private and religious institutions. The city has an Open University (Universitas Terbuka) and a Nursing Academy (Akademi Perawat Kabupaten Ketapang). A polytechnic has opened by 2008.


The two hospitals located in the city are RSUD Dr.Agoesdjam (public hospital) and RS Fatima (private hospital).

Ketapang Public Hospital (RSUD dr.Agoesdjam)


Ketapang is a multicultural city. It has a large minority population of Chinese with the majority being native Indonesians. Madurese and Javanese are also significant minorities, in terms of size. Most Chinese residents in Ketapang are of either Teochew or Hakka descent with Teochew being the majority. Because of this, Teochew is the main dialect used among Chinese residents in Ketapang. The native Indonesians living there are mainly of Malay and Dayak descent. In regards to speech, most citizens of Ketapang incorporate a type of Malay accent in their Indonesian, which is somewhat similar to that used in Malaysia.

Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple


Ketapang is served by the Ketapang Airport (Rahadi Osman Airport). The airport has some connecting flights to Pontianak and Semarang via Pangkalan Bun. Since February 2011, Ketapang also has direct flight to Jakarta, by Aviastar.[1] Ketapang can also be reached via ship from Pontianak (a six-hour speedboat ride, departing Pontianak daily at 6am). Pontianak's airport serves flights to Jakarta

Rahadi Osman Airport, Ketapang, West Borneo, Indonesia
Penas Air landed in Ketapang from Jakarta

Main sights[edit]

  • Gunung Palung National Park, a rainforest park that can be reached from Ketapang. It was once wholly part of Ketapang regency, but now only a small part is, the rest in the regency that is named Kayong Utara or North Kayong (created 2007). Kayong is the nickname of Ketapang.
  • Pematang Gadung, The Peat Forest, the home of wild Orangutan.
  • Kelenteng Tua Pek Kong, a Chinese temple.
  • Tugu Ale-ale. Ale-ale is a kind of shell.
Tugu Ale-ale
  • Beaches in Ketapang include Sungai Jawi beach (10 km from the city), Tanjung Batu beach (35 km), and Pulau Datok beach (80 km).
  • Makam Raja-Raja Tanjungpura (Tanjungpura Royal Cemetery), 1 hour from Ketapang city.

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