Ketoprak Jakarta

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Ketoprak sold in Jakarta.

Ketoprak Jakarta is a vegetarian dish consists of fried tofu, lontong (rice steamed in a banana leaf), sliced cabbage and cucumber, bihun (thin rice vermicelli), bean sprouts, served in peanut sauce, topped with krupuk and fried shallots. The peanut sauce is made from ground peanut and palm sugar made into a thick paste, mixed with garlic, chili pepper, salt and also kecap manis (sweet soy sauce). It is sold in individual portions from small stalls or carts along the street. Customers may request that the dish be mild, medium or spicy. The price is about IDR 5.000 to 10.000 according to ingredients included.[1] Sometimes, hard boiled egg might be added.

Ketoprak is a typical street-food. It was originally popular around the Jakarta area but has spread throughout Java. It is nearly similar to lotek and karedok from West Java, gado-gado from Jakarta and also pecel from Central Java, although the ingredients in the peanut sauces are slightly different. Gado-gado and karedok use only brown sugar for sweetening, but in ketoprak sweet soy sauce is used for additional sweetener, and ground garlic is added. The fried tofu can be considered as the centerpiece of the dish, since it is freshly fried directly after customer placed their order, to ensure its freshness and hotness. The seller prepares the ingredients at home and mixes them in front of the customers as they place their orders.[2]


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