Kettil Karlsson (Vasa)

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Kettil Karlsson (Vasa)
Regent of Sweden
Reign February 1464 - ?
Predecessor Christian I of Sweden
Successor Charles VIII of Sweden
Reign December 26, 1464 - August 11, 1465
Predecessor Charles VIII of Sweden
Successor Jöns Bengtsson (Oxenstierna)
House House of Vasa
Born 1433
Died August 11, 1465

Kettil Karlsson (Vasa) (1433 – August 11, 1465) was a Swedish clergyman and regent of Sweden under the Kalmar Union from February 1464 to August 1465, interluded by a six-month interregnum of king Charles VIII of Sweden. He was also Bishop of Linköping.

He was the son of Karl Kristiernsson (Vasa) and Ebba Eriksdotter (Krummedige).

Kettil Karlsson (Vasa)
Born: 1433 Died: August 11 1465
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Nils König
Bishop of Linköping
Succeeded by
Henrik Tidemansson