Kettle Falls International Railway

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The Kettle Falls International Railway (reporting mark KFR) is a railroad operating in the U.S. state of Washington and the Canadian province of British Columbia. It operates approximately 170 miles (270 km) of track that was formerly owned by the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway. It is owned by OmniTRAX.


The railroad is laid out similar to the letter Y, in the northeastern part of Washington state. Its southern connection is in the town of Chewelah. The area of Kettle Falls, Washington is at the center point of the Y. From Kettle Falls, one leg goes northwesterly and the other northeasterly. The northwestern leg goes into Canada and then drops back south, over the border with the United States, and ending at the town of Danville, Washington. The northeastern leg heads over the border and ends at Columbia Gardens, BC Canada.


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