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Kevin Andrew Murphy is an American novelist and game writer from Northern California.

Murphy at Westercon in 2011


He is a graduate of University of California at Santa Cruz and has a Master of Arts from University of Southern California.


He has written gamebooks for Steve Jackson Games and White Wolf. He is one of the contributors to the Wild Cards book series edited by George R. R. Martin. His first solo novel, Penny Dreadful, was released in 2007. He is also the designer of several fonts on the theme of witchcraft for Scriptorium Fonts.

He wrote the essay "Unseen Horrors and Shadowy Manipulations" in the compilation Seven Seasons of Buffy: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Discuss Their Favorite Television Show.[1] In a review in School Library Journal, Christine C. Menefee says his essay "documents instances of censorship and the attempts of network and advertisers to reshape Buffy to suit their purposes."[2]

He completed the novel Drum into Silence (2002) posthumously for Jo Clayton.[3]

His work has been published in the Shit Creek Review.[4]

He has worked as a staff type designer for Scriptorium Fonts.[5]



  • House of Secrets (w/ James A. Moore, 1995)
  • Fathom (2002)
  • Drums Into Silence (w/ Jo Clayton, 2004)
  • Penny Dreadful (2007)

Short fiction (partial)[edit]

Gamebook (partial)[edit]

  • The Quintessential World of Darkness (1998)
  • Guide to the Traditions (2001)


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