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Kevin Baldeosingh (born 1963)[1] is a Trinidadian newspaper columnist, author and Humanist, who has been involved in many controversial social issues. He now works with the Trinidad and Tobago Express as a writer on a freelance basis.


In twenty years as a professional writer he has written over 2,000 newspaper articles, over 30 periodical articles and papers, 20-plus short stories, and three novels. In 2007, his one-act play, The Comedian, was one of the four winning plays in the National Drama Association playwriting contest. He was also one of 15 prize-winning finalists in a 2007 international essay competition, organized by US-based "TRACE International" (a non-profit organization that develops and promotes anti-bribery programs), on official corruption and how to prevent it.[2]

Other work[edit]

He is a co-founder and chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Humanist Association, the only organization of its kind in the Anglophone Caribbean. He is also vice-chair for ASPIRE (Advocates for Safe Parenthood: Improving Reproductive Equity), a lobby group seeking clarification and updating of Trinidad and Tobago’s laws on abortion, with the aim of reducing the health risks and maternal mortality associated with unsafe illegal abortions. He was regional Chairperson for the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Canada/Caribbean) for 2000 and 2001.[3]




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