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Kevin Drake (born March 26, 1979) is an American musician, who is best known for being one of the original touring guitarists in the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

He grew up in Los Angeles, California, and started playing piano around five years of age. At age 10 he started learning the guitar. He now plays multiple instruments.[1]

He originally tried out to be the bassist for Thirty Seconds to Mars, but was brought on as an additional guitarist in 2001. Drake was only in Thirty Seconds to Mars for a little over a year, and left the band primarily due to touring issues.[1]

He later went on to join a band called Dillusion, with Preston Moronie (Now a member of Hyper Crush) and Jason Evigan (who is now the singer for After Midnight Project).

He is now a member of Polaroid Kiss. Polaroid Kiss are a collective musical group based in London, Los Angeles & Dublin officially consisting of (Producer, songwriter) Brandun Reed, (former Placebo songwriter & drummer, lead member of Love Amongst Ruin) Steve Hewitt & Kevin Drake.

Drake lives in Newport Beach, California, and along with working on new music he is also the owner and operator of a small business manufacturing e-juice for electronic cigarettes, known as "Drakes Vapes." It is available through in Costa Mesa, California.


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