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Kevin Owen is a television and radio news-anchor, reporter and presenter who was born in Plymouth. He has worked in UK regional and network broadcasting for more than two decades. He is now based in Moscow for Russian global news channel RT.

His early career began presenting the BBC Wales news programme 'Wales Today' in the late 80's. He then moved to commercial station HTV Wales, and then onto sister channel HTV West in Bristol, in 1996. Owen also worked at Channel Television based in Jersey, and presented his own radio show on Orchard FM in Somerset. Between 2001 and early 2006 he anchored Sky News and since then has worked for Moscow based TV channel RT as one of its main presenters. He has also worked extensively for the BBC World Service.

In 2008, Owen won Russia's TEFI award for 'News Anchor Of The Year'. The prize, similar to Britain's Royal Television Society awards, was established in 1995 by the Academy of Russian Television (ART), an independent association including professionals from leading domestic television companies.

He was awarded a post-graduate diploma in broadcast journalism from Cardiff University.

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