Kevin Volchok

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Kevin Volchok
The O.C. character
Kevin volchok.jpg
Cam Gigandet as Kevin Volchok
First appearance "The Swells"
(episode 3.06)
Last appearance "The Cold Turkey"
(episode 4.03)
Created by Josh Schwartz
Portrayed by Cam Gigandet
Nickname(s) Volchok
(by everyone)
Gender Male
Occupation Surfer (former)
Significant other(s) Sadie Campbell
Marissa Cooper
(ex-girlfriend; deceased)
Residence California state prison
Newport Beach, California

Kevin Volchok (often simply referred to as Volchok) is a fictional character on the FOX television series The O.C., portrayed by Cam Gigandet.



It is true that the name Kevin Volchok was taken from Endeavor's agent of the same name, who represents Adam Brody (Seth).[1]


Season 3[edit]

Volchok is Johnny Harper’s top rival for a surfing sponsorship though they used to be close friends. Later on, Johnny catches his girlfriend, Casey, cheating on him with Volchok who justifies it with, “You got my sponsorship, I got your girl. Seems fair to me.” Later on, Johnny decides to confront Volchok at the beach, but before a fight can ensue, Ryan Atwood tries to intervene and ends up punching Volchok in the face.

That punch lands Ryan another enemy and rival for the rest of the season. Volchok quickly and persistently tries to pursue a rematch with Ryan including confronting him at the diner, keying “Lil’ Bitch” into the Cohen's car, taking money from Marissa Cooper, and finally kidnapping her for ransom with a payoff of a fight with Ryan. Ryan ends up at the pier seemingly ready to fight him, but decides to break a glass bottle and tells Volchok that he better be prepared to die or kill him.

He is not seen again until after Johnny’s death. He took Johnny’s death badly and acted differently after that. Marissa, empathizing with this change and the need for closure, begins a casual relationship with him. In the meantime, while Ryan pursues a relationship with Sadie Campbell, Johnny’s Cousin, it becomes apparent that Volchok previously had a relationship with Sadie that only deepens their rivalry. Eventually he and Marissa develop a casual romantic relationship first fueled by Marissa’s growing distance from her friends and Volchok’s want to anger Ryan.

The relationship careens into something serious, even catching a moment of sensitivity from him when he fell asleep watching The Sound of Music to get to know her better. Then Marissa catches Volchok cheating on her at prom ending the relationship. He also stole all the post-prom party money from Taylor to the tune of a few thousand dollars which Ryan retrieves in his old-Atwood ways. Ryan shows up to Volchok's place and a fight finally breaks out between the two rivals. Volchok had the upperhand in the fight and was going to finish Ryan off with a cigarette holder. Realizing that he was in the same position with older brother Trey, Ryan appears to learn from his older brother's beat down. As Volchok proceeds to smash Ryan's face with the weapon, Ryan quickly blocks it and reverses things by turning Volchok around on his back. Ryan repeatedly bashes Volchok in the face with his fist, beating him nearly to death before realizing his previous fight with Trey ended in a similar situation which prompted Ryan to stop. Ryan takes him to a nearby hospital where Volchok says he was jumped and didn’t know who did it. Volchok assures Ryan that "this isn't over." He decides to blackmail Ryan initially to participate in a robbery, along with car theft, to help him escape Newport, and finally to get Marissa to talk to him again when he realizes that she was the best thing to ever happen to him.

Marissa refuses to become reinvolved with him and blackmailing Ryan doesn't help encourage her to talk to him let alone get back together with him. Upon her last refusal to speak with him, Volchok decides to follow them. As Ryan drives her to the airport, a drunken Volchok decides to convince them to pull over by ramming his car into theirs, but Ryan does not pull over. Eventually, Volchok pushes them over the ridge and their car rolls in a ditch. Marissa then dies of her injuries in Ryan's arms.

Season 4[edit]

Volchok tries to hide in Mexico, where Ryan is going after him, with help from Julie, who hired a private investigator to find Volchok. When Ryan (and Seth, who insists on coming along) goes to Mexico, he is unable to find Volchock. Seth manages to locate him through a contact, and attempts to coerce him into turning himself in, as Sandy could help him get a deal. Volchok refuses and flees. Ryan extracts his location from Seth and attempts to track him down, only to find that Seth gave him a false address and contacted Sandy and Kirsten to bring them both home.

Eventually, Volchok contacts Sandy and meets with him at his office. Sandy emphasizes the nature of their relationship as strictly business, and says that he can get Volchok a good deal and he could be in prison for less time. Ryan goes to see Sandy at the office, and a woman at the door says that he just missed him, and that he was with a client. Ryan looks around and sees Sandy drive by with Volchok in his car. Ryan is infuriated.

He confronts Sandy about it, and Sandy isn't talking. Eventually, Sandy "gives in" and brings Ryan to the hotel where Volchok is staying. He tells Ryan to go in there, and that he trusts him. Ryan rushes in, and Volchok is waiting. Ryan punches him twice and breaks a bottle, ready to kill him, but pauses. Volchok tells Ryan to shank him in the neck with a bottle, that he doesn't care anymore and that he just wants it to be over. Volchok told Ryan that if he wanted to "finish this" he will not fight back. Ryan realizes that he can't kill him and the two have a talk. He asks Volchok why he did not even stop or try to help after the accident. Volchok told him that he was scared and panicked so he fled. Ryan tells Volchok that he will not do him any favor as an easy way out and that he has to live with his mistakes as punishment. The last words exchanged between the two rivals was Ryan telling Volchok that "It's over" before walking out of the motel room allowing the police officers to arrest him.


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