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Kevin Williamson in "Private Lives"

Kevin Williamson, creator of English Suitcase Theatre, is a Vancouver-based actor. Born in London, England he moved to Canada in the 1990s after touring several Canadian provinces with his theatre. He has taken part in Vancouver's annual Bard on the Beach Festival. Williamson has been a regular participant of Vancouver's Fringe Theatre Festival. As a director, he has put on works such as Macbeth, Rashomon, Goethe's Faust, as well as contemporary British plays. Over the last few years he has worked extensively on some acclaimed local productions.

Most recently, Kevin Williamson has performed in Ibsen's Peer Gynt staged by Blackbird Theatre at Vancouver East Cultural Centre,[1] in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, in Blue/Orange, about the mentally ill, and Noël Coward's comedy, Private Lives at the Stanley Theatre. According to a local critic's review of Julius Caesar, "...Cassius, stands at the centre of this production, largely due to the sterling performance of Kevin Williamson who shows us a character seemingly both politically manipulative and utterly sincere. Williamson is also most at home with Shakespeare’s language and verse rhythms."[who?]


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